On a recent episode of Chalene Johnson’s “The Chalene Show” podcast, Chalene offered a solution for an ideal weekend…An ideal weekend for weight loss, that is! Seeing as I am about to go on a trip {AKA, my bikini is about to make an appearance} I figured that I should probably give her plan a shot to tighten up ASAP! After all, it sounded easy enough…

Chalene’s Weight Loss Weekend Rules:

1. No alcohol on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday.

2. Steady-state, endurance cardio 3x, for 60 – 90 min each session. Maintain a 6/10 intensity.

3. Complete “bonus” 15 min HIIT workouts 2x, maintaining a 9/10 or 10/10 intensity.

4. Start eating LATER {11am} and finish eating EARLIER {7pm}.

5. Get one extra hour of sleep each day.

6. No restaurants. Cook your all of your own meals all weekend.

7. BYOF. If you’re going to an event, bring your own food.

8. Consume ~1 cup of raw vegetables before  every meal.

9. Get a partner in crime to link up for the weekend. Make sure this person is someone who won’t let you off the hook!

Easy, right? Guys. If there were ever a healthy crash diet, this would be it.

None of these tips are unhealthy. Though you’re admittedly in for a strict weekend when everything is combined, each individual step in Chalene’s plan is regularly recommended to those looking to lead a fit and healthy life. You get old-school dieting advice like bringing your own food to events, avoiding alcohol and restaurant food, and getting in daily steady-state cardio exercise teamed with trendier elements–namely the inclusion of intermittent fasting {the eating window mentioned in rule #4} and HIIT workouts. Rule 5 encourages extra sleep since both quality and quantity of sleep are crucial for weight loss, and the extra veggies in rule 8 aim to aid satiety and add nutrients and fiber to your daily intake.

Since I already avoid alcohol, get great sleep, don’t completely hate endurance cardio, didn’t have any events scheduled, and knew I could easily recruit a partner for the endeavor, I felt like I was in a pretty good place. The other tips, though? They made this HARD. Harder than I had anticipated, anyway. First of all, 60 – 90 minutes of endurance cardio is…boring. An hour to an hour and a half of doing the same exercise at the same intensity feels really long, especially when it’s something you do three days in a row. It wasn’t difficult, but it was annoying. Waiting until after 11 to eat was easy. Stopping at 7 was torture. Omg. Once I get started, I really don’t want to stop. Not only has eating past 7 become totally habitual for me, but I also find it a really comforting and cozy experience. It’s nice. It’s familiar. BUT, I will fully admit that giving my digestive system a break after 7pm made a big difference in how I looked and felt. I never went to bed feeling like I’d eaten too much, my stomach stayed flatter, and I felt lighter over all for the entire three days. I might adjust the timing of my “feeding window” a bit, but otherwise, I really liked how I felt when I was eating this way. I also didn’t LOVE eating a cup of raw vegetables before each meal! I mean, I know that it’s super healthy and that my body was probably loving me for all of the extra nutrients, but a cup of raw vegetables are, A, kind of dull {though Chalene says in her podcast that you can top the veggies with lemon juice, salt, spices, or vinegar to make them more palatable,} and B, REALLY filling. Like, really. And while I know that this additional satiety is totally the idea, I found myself beginning to resent the fact that I usually became too full from the vegetables to eat my actual meal in its entirety. I’m a little cranky, but the endorphins from all of my workouts coupled with the support and empathy from my partner in crime–not to mention the lower and lower number on the scale!–keep me pushing through to the end.

Verdict: If you’re looking for a quick slim-down solution or want to jumpstart a new diet, definitely give Chalene’s plan a try! Not only is it simple and sensible, but it will make you FEEL really good {like, healthy, accomplished, fit, and slender good} and–in my experience, anyway–allow you to shift some stubborn lbs fast. It’s three days. Only three days! There are basically no better vibes to start out your week.

Want more? You can listen to The Chalene Show HERE, and find her online HERE.