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Loving Lately: 12.09.16 ♡

It’s (somehow?!) the last Loving Lately of 2016! Here are four things I’m super into rn…#4 is definitely my fav. 😉

1. International Delight Frosted Sugar Cookie Coffee Creamer.

So…I drink coffee now. Instead of walking to Starbucks every morning and getting a Spiced Sweet Cream Cold Brew or an iced double shot with coconut milk, I’ve been making caffeinated concoctions at home. My go-to ATM involves coffee, lots of cinnamon, and flavored coffee creamer, specifically International Delight’s new seasonal Frosted Sugar Cookie creamer. OMG. It literally tastes like liquified Christmas cookies. Best discovery ever. So yeah, I add the stuff to coffee, duh, but it also makes an amazing addition to a lazy girl frozen hot chocolate I make in the Vitamix–just an instant hot chocolate packet, ice, water, and a generous pour of this creamer and you have the easiest faux-gourmet treat around. (more…)

Beauty Secrets: Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Dry Oil

Nuxe Dry Oil French Beauty Secrets

Attention beauty addicts! A French skincare essential has just become widely available stateside: Nuxe Huile Prodigiese dry oil. I sampled the stuff while studying abroad in college, and then kicked myself for months after returning home for failing to purchase a bottle of my own. Exclusivity is cool and all, but Huile Prodigieuse becoming easily accessible in my own backyard is incredible. It’s a game changer. I literally {and audibly} squealed when I actually saw this on the shelf at a local store.

Made in France from a blend of six essential botanical oils–macadamia, hazelnut, borage, sweet almond, St. John’s wort, and camellia–and vitamin E, Huile Prodigieuse is a multi-purpose dry oil for body, hair, and face. The timing rocks too, since facial oils are super trendy right now, and anything oil-based tends to perform especially well for people in winter months. The formula is not at all greasy, and the product melts into skin on contact leaving only softness, shine, and a sultry, vaguely tropical, lingering fragrance that practically begs people to lean in and get a whiff of you. It makes hair shiny and soft, adds a sexy sheen to limbs, and is said to It’s all very glamorous and ladylike. Curious? Here’s how to use it and where to get it.

Use It…


From soft perfume to leg shine to extra-strength hydration for knees and elbows, Huile Prosigieuse is the ultimate body multi-tasker. It’s even been rumored to help to prevent and treat stretch marks! Here are my favorite ways to use it as a body product.

  • Add an ample amount to a bath for a fragrant, hydrating soak.
  • Rub over arms and legs.
  • Apply to pulse points as you would perfume. Huile Prosigieuse’s soft, floral fragrance is perfect on its own, but it’s also also subtle enough that it won’t over power or clash with your signature scent. {To me, it smells a lot like old-school suntan oil, minus the fake coconut. Instant hit of summer vacation and good vibes.}
  • Add a few drops to a fragrance-free moisturizer to create a lush body cream.
  • Going on vacation? You just found yourself a new tanning oil. Bonus: The company also makes a shimmer version of this oil replete with glimmering bronze flecks of super-fine glitter!


Huile Prosigieuse may not be a total hit as a hair oil if you have straight, fine hair, but a TINY drop or two does amazing things for my medium tresses. Here’s how I work it.

  • Make a DIY reparative hair mask by combining the oil with a generous amount of conditioner. Leave on for as long as possible {overnight would be ideal!} and then rinse out.
  • Spritz directly onto your hair brush before styling hair.
  • Rub a drop or two between hands and work through damp hair before blowdrying.
  • Use a single drop to tame flyaways and smooth split ends.


While I haven’t personally used the stuff on my face, Huile Prodigieuse goes on dry {obvi?} with no residue and is said to make skin soft, supple, glowy, and healthy. Here’s how to get in on all of that, too.

  • Smooth directly onto face or add a few drops to your daytime moisturizer.
  • Blend a few drops into your favorite foundation for a dewy finish.
  • Nuxe notes that Huile Prodigieuse is also ideal for use after sunbathing.

Get it!

Shop the story: A 50ml bottle of the classic dry oil retails for $29, while the shimmer edition of the same size goes for $39. While it isn’t the MOST budget-friendly dry oil in the market, the packaging is chic, it’s a multi-tasking product, and it’s French. Like, the literal translation is “prodigious oil”. Worth it. You can scoop up the classic HERE and the shimmer HERE. {And if you’re an overachiever, GILT is currently selling a special holiday duo that contains both the classic oil and a 3.3oz bottle of the Huile Prodigieuse perfume!} Nuxe products are also being sold in select Target beauty departments. Get on it, girl!

Are there any new obsession-worthy beauty products on your radar?



Pop Culture Predictions for 2016!


My favorite hometown radio station, 101.3 KDWB, does the best new-years-themed bit each year: their morning show hosts make predictions for the upcoming new year, and then revisit those predictions at the end of said year. Good, right? It’s usually pretty amusing, and it’s cool to see which DJ makes the best guesses about things that will happen. Since I always thought it would be amusing to do this myself, I made sure to listen carefully to their 12/18 podcast, and jotted down all of the prompts so that I could join in on their prediction game. Since I’m an overachiever {lol} I also added in a few new prompts of my own. I feel like the whole thing is a simple, minimal-commitment take on a time capsule, only better because gratification is only delayed for a year {and not like 50} and you don’t have to bury any of your stuff. You should get in on it, too!


While I’m personally planning to keep things fairly low-key on NYE this year, but this would be a funny, effortless form of entertainment if you’re hosting a new year’s party! Just email a link to this post, or print out the graphics below and have your guests fill in their answers. Save them until next year and find out which one of your friends is psychic who made the most accurate predictions. Maybe give that person a prize. Then again, maybe don’t. Do whatever you want. Anyway! I coerced Alex into making predictions with me, so you’ll find three of our guesses included. I’m planning to share screenshots of our entire list {made on 12/30/15} around this time next year! Check out the prompts and a few of our answers below, and feel free to leave a comment with some 2016 predictions of your own if you feel inclined. Here’s to a new year!

Pop Culture Predictions for 2016!

Click image for full size!
  • Celebrity who will have a comeback year:

  • Celebrity couple that will split:

  • Celebrity who will die:

  • Celebrity who we’ll all be sick of by the end of 2016:

  • Celebrities that will hook up with each other:

  • Celebrity who will get arrested in 2016:

  • Celebrity who will ruin their career by saying or doing something stupid/politically incorrect in 2016:

  • Serial single celebrity who will get married/announce an engagement in 2016:

  • Fad item we’ll be over by the end of 2016:

  • Phrase or word that we’ll stop saying by the end of 2016:

  • Phrase or word we’ll still be saying by the end of 2016:

  • Fashion trend that will go away in 2016:

  • Fashion or beauty trend that will ‘have a moment‘ in 2016:

  • Musician who will have the biggest song of 2016:

Click image for full size!
Click image for full size!

Our predictions…

Celebrity who we’ll all be sick of by the end of 2016:

Liza: Caitlyn Jenner

Alex: Amy Schumer

Phrase or word that we’ll stop saying by the end of 2016:

Liza: “On fleek”

Alex: “Basic”

Musician who will have the biggest song 2016:

Liza: Rihanna

Alex: The Weeknd

Feel free to leave your own predictions to any of these prompts below! I’d love to compare notes next year 😉



Obsessed: Midi Shirts

KJ approved. {Source.}
KJ approved. {Source.}

Yes, you read that title correctly–I am obsessed with midi shirts. Shirts. Not skirts. Know what I’m saying? It’s a new take on the crop top craze with 50% more chill. Trust me, it’s a good look.

Cute, right? The 'Ali' top. {Via Brandy Melville.}
Cute, right? The ‘Ali’ top. {Via Brandy Melville.}

I was introduced to the concept of a midi shirt by the brand WILDFOX…They sell a relaxed-fit “Southampton Hangover Club” shirt that they call a “midi tee”. That description is pretty apt–the midi shirt hits around mid waist, somewhere between a standard-length top and a cropped one, just as a midi skirt hits between the mini and maxi markers. I love that midi shirts are just a liiiittle longer, so they offer a bit more coverage and comfort for that #winterbod,  yet are still cropped enough that they’re flattering they pair perfectly with anything with a high waist. Oh, and believe it or not, that extra couple of inches of midriff-covering fabric legitimately helps with warmth, making the style a viable  cold-weather option. Just like their sister the crop top, midi shirts come in a variety of fits and silhouettes from boxy to tight. The look is customizable, which pretty much means it’s also universally flattering. You have options.

Convinced you need one? Here are a few of my favorite midi shirts to get you started! 

Shop the Look: Midi Shirts

Another cute midi shirt from Silence + Noise. {Via Urban Outfitters.}
Another cute midi shirt from Silence + Noise. {Via Urban Outfitters.}
  • Ribbed long sleeve crop top, $20-$45 @Topshop.
  • Aqua pink ribbed turtleneck midi top, $26.90 @Bloomingdales.
  • Nightcap x Carisa Rene Spanish lace off-the-shoulder midi top, $60 @Shopbop.
  • Leith mélange knit slouchy midi top, $48 @Nordstrom.
  • Silence + Noise striped crossedfront midi top, $20 @Urban Outfitters.
  • Line and Dot St. Martin knit zippered midi tank, $34 @Nasty Gal.
  • Design Lab by Lord & Taylor black turtleneck midi top, $58 @Lord & Taylor.
  • Calvin Klein super-soft relaxed fit crewneck midi tee, $39 @Urban Outfitters.

Are you into midi shirts?