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#WhistleFit! My Review of the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker


Let’s talk pups. My dogs, Phillip and Chauncey, are the absolute loves of my life. I waited nearly 22 years before getting my first furry pet, and Phillip, my five-year-old bichon-shih tzu mix is quite literally the best gift I’ve ever received. Since I’m pretty much your standard crazy dog lady, I was crazy excited when Fit Approach gave me the opportunity to partner with Whistle for their Whistle Fit campaign. Since I’ve spent the past few weeks being extra active with my boys and playing around with the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker, I thought that now would be the perfect time to share my review of the awesome device with you guys! (Plus, I have a coupon code and a giveaway for you, too.) Wanna get #WhistleFit with your pet?! Read on! Here are all of the details. (more…)

How I Modify #TIU31 to Work for Me!


Guys. It’s the 21st. We’re almost done with October. Know what that means?!? I’m almost done with #TIU31! Committing to this  challenge this month has been paramount in my getting back on track with a consistent fitness regimen, and I’m feeling stronger and healthier than I have in awhile.  It’s pretty great. 🙂 Missed out on getting involved this time around? No worries. There’s only one real week left of the challenge, but K&K have recently become notorious for repeating their challenges back-to-back, so there’s a pretty decent chance that #TIU31 round two will be coming up sooner rather than later. If you’ve been wary about committing to a month-long fitness challenge because you’re concerned that it might not be doable for whatever reason, don’t be! Just jump in. Here are four ways I modified the Tone It Up 31 Day Challenge to work for me…maybe these mods will work for you, too! (more…)

October Goals


Did September seem to fly by for anyone else?! I feel like I was just marveling at the fact that we had entered PSL season, and now it’s officially full-blown FALL. October is always a pretty chill month, though, so I’m excited that it’s here. And of course, with new a month comes a new list of goals! I like the idea of honing in on 4 goals, so it feels like I have one thing to knock out each week. It doesn’t actually play out that way in reality, of course, but I appreciate it from a mental framing standpoint. Here’s what I’m planning to take on this October, plus a little check-in on September’s goals. (more…)

Taking On #TIU31


You guys. I am so excited for October. Why? Because I’m ready to Tone It Up! On the first of the month, TIU is launching their fall challenge, TIU31…It’s Frisky Fall, reimagined! In the words of K&K, TIU31 is “for the busy girl who wants to take care of her body. She wants structure but flexibility, and she wants to feel confident in herself, her decisions and her body.” Sounds good, right? (more…)

September Goals

September Goals

I’m going to be completely upfront with you guys…My August was a complete wreck. Between getting some unexpected news and prepping for another move, the month was spent basically just trying to keep my life together. Truthfully, I’m a bit wary about not just sharing, but even setting goals for September, as the month is already off to a bit of a rocky start. (Did you know it’s Mercury Retrograde?! Because I most definitely DO.) That being said, I’ve come up with a few action items that don’t seem TOO daunting to tackle over the next few weeks. Read on for a look back at last month’s goals and peep my list new for September! (more…)