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Fit News: A Choker That Counts Calories?!

{Via WearSens}
{Via WearSens}

We’re addicted to information. We love tracking metrics, analyzing data, and hitting pre-set goals. We use wi-fi scales, heart rate monitors, fitness bands, and an ever-growing collection of mobile fitness apps in the constant pursuit of health-centric information and personal improvement. But…how much is too much?

NY Magazine’s The Cut recently covered a new piece of wearable tech: The WearSens smart necklace. Dubbed “a choke collar to judge your eating habits” by the mag, the device aims to influence dieters by tracking “every sip, bite, and puff” they take.

Developed by a team of engineers from UCLA, the necklace tracks vibrations near the neck using piezoelectric sensors, which gauge mechanical disturbances–think, food being eaten/moving down the esophagus–and can decipher between liquids and solids, types of food, and portion sizes all based on distinct vibration patterns. It’s does this, supposedly, with around a 90% accuracy. The ultimate goal? To dissuade users from indulging in large portions. The choker does this by sending the user a feedback vibration or cellphone alert upon distinguishing their bad behavior. Lol.

According to this article from Popular Science, however, the WearSense could serve an alternate purpose. Since preliminary research suggests that the device can detect things like smoking and the ingesting of pills, the WearSens may have practical implications for other medical conditions like smoking cessation, or reminding patients to take important medication. The mobile app could then be modified to send alerts to caregivers, family members, or doctors. All good things!

Okay. Back to dieting. Aside from the necklace’s distinct lack of chicness, I wonder: is this something we really NEED? A choker that keeps track of each and every calorie and sends little shocks that tell us to skip the third slice of pizza?! Personally, I’m not convinced. {And it also freaks me out.}

Would you rock this choker?



Loving Lately: My Must-Click Links of the Week

This photo doesn't have anything to do with this post...I just liked it. Matthew McConaughey style ;) {Source.}
This photo doesn’t have anything to do with this post…I just liked it. Matthew McConaughey style 😉 {Source.}

It’s time for another TSB link roundup! I did a super-short, fitness-themed link compilation at the beginning of February, and I wanted to share something similar to kick off March. This time, we’ve got health/fitness/body image and lifestyle content, plus double the links because the internet is fun. Seriously, though, here are a handful of posts/resources/videos I’ve been loving this week.

1. “How To Take The Perfect Instagram Photo” from The Glitter Guide

There are a myriad of articles and tutorials aimed at achieving the perfect #selfie, so I really enjoy that this post from The Glitter Guide is focused on actual photography–things like lighting, editing, and aesthetics, which take your pictures from good to great. Go and read up. I know you want to live a more Instagram-friendly life. It’s fine.

2. “What Getting A Massage Taught Me About Self Love” from Literally, Darling

This piece in five words: massage  + body image + self-care + love. It’s poignant, smart, relatable, and sensitive. Do something nice for yourself! I’ve recently become enamored with Literally, Darling, which is an online magazine dedicated to chronicling every facet of the 20-something experience. They call it “an exact representation of our exaggerated selves”. Love.

3. “How to Eat Exactly Like a Celebrity Nutritionist” from Byrdie

I have a weird obsession with day-in-the-life type stories and food diaries, so this piece from Byrdie immediately excited me. Celebrity nutritionists eat pretty much exactly how you’d expect them to eat, though–lots of fresh produce, lean protein, and little sugar–with a few interesting surprises and anecdotes peppered in for good measure. Yummy and inspirational.

4. “Whats In My Bag” {Video!} from Happily Jaylen

Okay guys–if you’re not following Miss Jaylen on Instagram {@tiujquinn} you’re seriously missing out. A fellow Tone It Up girl and newly-minted blogger, J has just taken to YouTube, and the above is her first vlog! She’s basically the cutest, funniest, sassiest thing ever…and who doesn’t love finding out what’s in another person’s bag?! Watch, watch.

5. “Are We Calling Beef Jerky a ‘Health Food’ Now?” from Well + Good

Jerky is trending. No, seriously, it is. There’s a new breed of jerky, though, that promises to breathe life into the stereotypically manly food, with Whole 30 founder Melissa Hartwig assuring us all that not only are these new offerings healthy, but that jerky itself is “no longer just this dry, tough strip of plain old meat.” Some of the flavors mentioned here sound so good that I think I’m actually now craving jerky.

6. “21 DIY Gym Equipment Projects to Make at Home” from Greatist

When I clicked on this article in a Greatist newsletter, I in no way knew what to expect. I mean, gym DIYs? Is that possible? What does that even mean?! Read it, it’s good. {And yeah–weird.} There’s seriously a DIY for anything.

What have you been reading this week?



February Fit News: Beyonce’s Vegan Food Delivery Biz, Cold Therapy Fat Burning, & Too Much Running is Just as Bad as No Running at All.


As a fit girl and self-professed information addict, I’m OBSESSED with soaking up the latest in health/fitness/diet/wellness news. We’re only a few days into February and my reader is already packed with healthy-living stories! Love. From dealing with overeating, to new research on meal timing, to DIY orthodontics, I’ve been sifting through random articles all morning. Here are three of my faves! Check out my top-rated current events below.

  1. Queen Bey is expanding her empire! After successfully completing a 22-day vegan cleanse with husband Jay-Z last winter, Mrs. Carter has officially partnered with 22 Days Nutrition founder {and Bey’s own personal trainer!} Marcos Borges for a new vegan food delivery service. Meals will range in price from $9.76 to $16.50, allowing customers to purchase one, two, or three pre-made vegan meals each day. The offerings are all plant-based, vegan, gluten-free, soy-free, and non-GMO. More HERE.
  2. A NASA scientist has developed an “ice jacket”, designed to allow users to burn an extra 500 calories a day, sans exercise or dietary changes. The Cold Shoulder jacket, which is supposed to be worn two hours a day, strategically cools the body using ice gel packs, making temperature regulation a struggle–thus increasing the wearer’s calorie burn. The inventor claims that, when worn daily, the jacket will burn 1lb of fat a week. More HERE. Note: I hate being cold, so this development is actually my nightmare, but if you want one of your own, hit up the Could Shoulder Kickstarter page.
  3. Want an excuse to tone DOWN your hardcore running routine? Here ya go! A study has shown that strenuous joggers are as likely to die as sedentary non-joggers, and light joggers actually have the LOWEST rates of death. What’s that mean? Optimal frequency of jogging is no more than three times per week, for roughly 35 minutes each time you hit the pavement. Pace matters, too–fast joggers have almost the same mortality risk as sedentary non-joggers. All of the details are available HERE. TLDR; push yourself, but take it easy. Light jogging may actually be healthier and safer than long, intense runs. There’s definitely too much of a good thing.

Any new health/fitness/wellbeing stories on your radar?!