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My Personal Routine for Bouncing Back!

Getting back on track with healthy living AFTER a period of over-indulgence!

I fully believe that the quest for achieving #bodygoals shouldn’t ever outweigh your ability to enjoy life. I’m not going to think twice about a giant thanksgiving dinner, and extravagant Easter brunch, or a slice or two of pizza and birthday cake. Food is often a major part of celebrations, and I’m not willing to miss out. But…what happens when you have a streak of atypical eating? We’re talking a vacation, a slew of holiday parties, a long weekend away–things that tend to override our typical patterns of eating and exercise. I figured that after Easter and spring break season, you miiiight be in need of some quick bounce-back tips and tricks(I mean, I know that I am!) None of this is about dropping weight ASAP (though with these actions, that does tend to happen!) but rather, getting back on track with your typical, more health-conscious lifestyle ASAP.  This is my exact strategy for bouncing back after a period of overindulgence. (more…)

Reframing Moderation


How to Make Moderation Work For You

We all know that moderation is good for us, but moderation gets kind of a bad rap. The  buzzword du jour is balance. Moderation = not being able to eat what you want, depravation, and boringness…but does it really? Does it have to?


Moderation and balance are actually the same thing, and moderation is badass. (more…)

One Perfect Week


All About One Perfect Week

There are currently over 20,000 photos tagged #oneperfectweek on Instagram.


That’s incredible.

Launched by Chinae of @getfitbrooklyn, One Perfect Week is a whole life, health-focused challenge. Participants commit to living “perfectly” for seven straight days, typically pledging 8 hours of sleep each night, 80+ oz of water each day, no missed workouts (six scheduled workouts and one rest day), no alcohol, and no “cheats” or meals that are off-plan. They use Instagram to check in, support each other, and track progress. It’s become a movement, and a tribe of fit-minded women are gearing up to start their One Perfect Week journeys today.

One Perfect Week on InstagramI really love the concept of OPW. It isn’t selling or promoting anything, isn’t crazy restrictive, the goals are nowhere near impossible, and the crowd-sourced motivation is genius.  (more…)

The Difference Between Accountability + Support {and why you need BOTH if you’re trying to lose weight!}


Losing weight? Then you probably already familiar with the need for accountability or support. Here’s the thing, though: when we talk about fat loss, lifestyle changes, or dietary overhauls, “accountability” and “support” are used pretty much  interchangeably, but as concepts…they’re not. Accountability and support are actually two very different things. Want to know more? Read on! I’m covering how it all breaks down, why you need both elements if you’re trying to lose weight, and how to add a little of each to your life ASAP. (more…)

No Weigh, No Worries: On ‘No Weigh-In December’


I was scrolling aimlessly through Tumblr earlier this morning when I stumbled upon a post by Kimber Karolina about No Weigh-In December…I’ll go ahead and link it HERE, but the gist is that weighing yourself adds unneeded stress, and that the festive season is already stressful, so she’s going to be purposely avoiding the scale for the next three and a half weeks. Typically when you see people making a concerted effort to not weigh themselves, it’s for a few reasons…One, they’ve become obsessed with “the number”, two, they’ve found a different metric to measure progress, or three, they are no longer actively trying to lose weight.  None of these things apply to Kimber.

While “scale fasts” aren’t exactly revolutionary, what’s different about Kimber’s situation is that she still set herself a monthly goal and is going to be actively trying to lose weight {and decrease her body fat percentage}, even WITHOUT the numerical feedback that a scale provides. This got me thinking:  Can you lose weight–and I mean really lose weight–without weighing yourself?

It’s an interesting question.

Personally? I don’t know if I could. I like {okay, “like” might be a strong word, it’s more like “appreciate”} weighing myself because it helps me to stay on track. When I’ve been eating well and hitting the gym, seeing the numbers decrease can be rewarding, yeah, but when I’m in active weight loss mode, it’s far more motivating to be able to SEE the changes in my physique and feel differently in my clothes. Just because I find other things MORE motivating, though, doesn’t mean I’m anti-scale, though. For me, weight loss and scale use are basically intrinsically linked. Weight isn’t the end-all-be-all, but the scale IS a useful tool. It’s helpful. It’s two-second validation. The numbers offer proof that what I’m doing is working {or not}, so the idea of foregoing weigh-ins for a month kiiinda freaks me out. I mean, I’ve lost weight in the past without weighing myself, but that has typically happened when I wasn’t actually TRYING to lose weight at all. And I’ve definitely mindlessly packed on some pounds when I HAVEN’T had access to a scale. I like to keep an eye on things. It keeps me accountable and rooted in reality. For other people, though, the scale might not be necessary. It could cause anxiety or spur an obsession. THIS is what Kimber’s No-Weigh December is about–enjoying the holiday season and not getting wrapped up in the potential stress that some people feel from monitoring their weight–and I am ALL for that. It doesn’t mean putting your goals on hold, over-indulging, or excusing yourself from hard work for a month, it just means taking care of yourself. If the scale is a source of stress for you, get rid of it! Take a break! Clear your head! If there were ever a season to adopt the “good vibes only” mentality, it’s this one. You shouldn’t have to miss out on any activities or traditions that come with the holidays just because you’re worried that it will impact the number you’ll see the next morning. And hey, even if the scale doesn’t stress you out, but you just feel like taking a break, that’s cool too. Take care of your body and it will take care of you, but don’t forget to take care of your mind while you’re at it.

Would you join in on No-Weigh December? Do you think you could further a weight loss journey without access to a scale?



TSB Travels: Las Vegas by the Numbers!

A morning view of the strip from our balcony. Gorgeous doesn't even begin to cover it.
A morning view of the strip from our balcony. Gorgeous doesn’t even begin to cover it.

I’m baaack! I spent last Tuesday – Sunday traveling: IL > MN > NV > MN > IL. It was pretty great. We spent three nights and four of those days living THE life at The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas. Naturally, I had to post about it. So, here ya go. What follows are all of the {important} deets on my first-ever trip to Las Vegas, condensed into the simplest possible statistics on the planet–Las Vegas by the numbers.

Number of hours spent in transit: 18. That breaks down to twelve hours of driving between IL and MN, and six hours flying between MN and NV.

Number of miles walked: ~30 in 3.5 days, according to Apple’s “Health” app. I love exploring and going for long walks, so this was actually a plus! I’m sure it also helped to mitigate some of the calories from all of the anything-but-clean-eating food I indulged in. Drawback: my pinky toes have never been in worse shape. Ouchers.

Number of selfie sticks spotted in Las Vegas: 6. Honestly, found this odd–I was expecting to see a LOT more! I probably saw more people taking photos with their iPads than with selfie sticks, which is just weird all around.

Number of trips to the buffet: 1. We hit up Wicked Spoon for an early dinner before going to see Frank Marino’s Divas on Friday night. My thoughts? Overrated. Also wayyy overpriced if you don’t get all of the premium food options {crab legs, steak, sushi, prime rib, etc} and don’t make four trips through the buffet line. This being said, we had had such amazing food the rest of the trip that the bar was set REALLY high.

Number of boxes of bandaids used: 2. Like I said, foot happiness was not at an all time high! Thank god for the Wallgreens directly across from the hotel!

Scenes from our room at The Cosmo...
Scenes from our room at The Cosmo…

Number of hours wasted at timeshare presentation: 3. On our FIRST day in the city. Live and learn. {But considering that a couple on our shuttle back to the strip got sucked into a 6.5 hour ordeal, maybe our time lost wasn’t so bad after all!}

Number of performances seen: 2. We went to Frank Marino’s Divas {which is a drag and comedy show} on Friday night because we had deeply discounted passes from our timeshare presentation, and I actually thought it looked really entertaining. It was! Super fun, high energy, familiar songs, and comedy. On Thursday night, we splurged a little and got tickets for Zumanity, which is billed as “the sensual side of Cirque du Soilel”. I LOVED it. The performers were all SO talented and the production value was high. It was definitely a sexy show {with a little raunchy comedy thrown in for good measure,} but by the end of the show, you basically forget that the people are wearing next to nothing because you’re so mesmerized by the stunts they’re doing! Seriously impressive. Also kind of made me want to join the circus. #goals

Number of times I was carded at the casinos: 1. At our very own hotel! I found this rather amusing considering that I’m 25, and you only have to be 21 to be in the casino anyway. But hey, if the hotel staff thought I was 20 or younger, I’ll totally take it.

Number of dollars lost in the casinos: 60. $60! That’s not TOO bad, right? Ugh! At least when you factor in the number of free drinks that they serve you WHILE you gamble–especially with Las Vegas drink prices–it almost evens out. Almost.

Our Friday night in a nutshell--Divas and the High Roller.
Our Friday night in a nutshell–Divas and the High Roller.

Number of late-night trips to Secret Pizza: 3. Two at night, one in the afternoon. Worth every last calorie. Also probably the cheapest meal on the strip!

Number of pounds gained on the trip: 4. It equals out to about a pound a day. Not TOO bad. I’m sure it will {mostly} be off by the end of the week.

Number of times I missed our dogs: A billion? Idk, it’s a rough estimate. Seriously though, leaving the puppies behind is always the worst part of any vacation. Super thankful and lucky that my parents are willing to puppy sit back in Minnesota while we’re away!

Bests & Faves!

Checking out the skyline on the High Roller. {Note the shoes--these were the little demons that KILLED my feet!}
Checking out the skyline on the High Roller. {Note the shoes–these were the little demons that KILLED my feet!}

Best free attraction:

The fountain show at the Bellagio. We stayed at the Cosmopolitan and got a room with a killer fountain view, so we got watch the show multiple times each night! I think that of my favorite memories of the trip, though, is when we watched the show from the ground RIGHT outside of the fountains on our first night in town.

Favorite meals:

Best people watching:

Every/anywhere on the strip. Especially at night. This really deserves an honorable mention in the “best free attraction” category.

The Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity 3 is a MUST.
The Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity 3 is a MUST.

Best hotel:

The Cosmopolitan, of course. I’m totally biased since it’s obviously the ONLY hotel I’ve stayed in in Nevada, but it was bomb. They were able to check us in just an hour or so after we arrived at 9am even though we hadn’t pre-registered for early check-in, we had a big, gorgeous room with a giant shower, whirlpool tub, and our own private oversized balcony, and the property features a great casino, a myriad of dining {and drinking} options, art EVERYWHERE, multiple pools, Marquee day/nightclub, and shops. It’s also in the middle of the action as far as the strip is concerned–sandwiched between Aria and  to The Bellagio and across from Planet Hollywood. It’s a short walk to the other resorts, high-end shops, AND a 24-hour Wallgreens, which comes in handy when you need to buy bandaids and bottled water at the end of the night. 10/10 would recommend, especially if you’re younger and are looking for a classy-meets-sexy property. Very modern, sultry vibes.

Favorite Vegas souvenir:

A Lokai bracelet. I’ve been wanting one for months, but just didn’t feel like ordering online and waiting and for shipping. Luckily for me, the Kitson in LV had both the classic Lokai AND the pink breast cancer awareness Lokai in stock, so I scooped up the classic bracelet in two seconds flat. Definitely not your typical Vegas souvenir, but I’m pretty sure I’ll love this more than a giant stiletto-shaped cup that was once filled with alcohol.

Best service:

Mike, who took care of us for dinner at Tom’s Urban before we went to Zumanity. He was funny, personable, attentive, and all-around excellent…He even took the time to walk us to the theater for our show after we finished our meal! If that isn’t the dream, I don’t know what is. Barring ONE experience, all of our service in Las Vegas–from our stay at the Cosmo to all of our dining out–was pretty next-level. The people were really wonderful, and it made our trip all the better.

Favorite over-all experience:

ALL of Thursday was basically my ideal day. We spent the morning/afternoon walking {the strip}, shopping {at Fashion Show Mall}, and exploring {our hotel, and the general area}, and then rounded out  the evening by going to dinner, seeing a show, strolling around the Bellagio, and then, FINALLY, playing the slots back at the Cosmopolitan. Oh, AND there was also the most glorious slice 1am pizza. Can’t forget that.

A peek inside the chandelier bar, my favorite spot in the Cosmo. If you go, make sure to try the verbena drink!
A peek inside the chandelier bar, my favorite spot in the Cosmo. If you go, make sure to stop by the bar and try the verbena drink!

Have you been to Las Vegas? I’d love to hear about all of your faves!