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4 Week Healthy Living Kickstart


Beginnings can be rough. They’re exciting and full of promise, yeah, but they can also be daunting. I feel like this can be especially true when it comes to a lifestyle change. Committing to “healthy living”, for example, doesn’t sound super fun if it means focusing on all of the extra workouts you have to do and all of the yummy things you cannot eat. It doesn’t have to be that way, though! You can take four, itty-bitty baby steps into the world of health and wellness over the course of a month that can spur massive change. Sound appealing?! Well, it starts with food. Nutrition is a major part of feeling and looking good, so instead of making crazy, extreme, overwhelming dietary changes, we’ll focus on food (or more specifically, what goes into your body!) and work on cleaning up your intake in a way that is pretty painless, but seriously beneficial. Whether you’re looking to get back on track or are just starting out with living healthy, embracing these tasks will have you feeling healthy and well in no time! Here’s your roadmap for kicking off a healthy life. (more…)

How To Get Motivated to Work Out When You’re Just Not Feeling It

Sustained Workout Motivation How To

This summer seems to have been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for many of us. It sucks (duh), but I find some comfort in knowing that it’s actually a widely shared experience at the moment–from bloggers I read to, ladies I follow on Instagram, to friends and family members alike, the past few months have been an absolute whirlwind–something is off all around. While I don’t have specific tips on busting out of a personal or emotional rut, I do know that movement and getting in touch with your body can provide a temporary respite to craziness, and can leave you with long-lasting feelings of confidence and sanity. I also know, though, that when things are feeling out of control–or even just not ideal, finding the motivation to move your bod can be a serious task. One thing I do have tips on is how to deal with THAT: finding ways to stay motivated with your fitness routine and healthy lifestyle. If you’re feeling like you’re off track, in a rut, or are generally uninspired with your workouts, this is for you. Here are a few ways to stay motivated, and to reignite your passion for working out.  (more…)

Detox Diaries v 2.0 – Wild Rose Recap, Part 1

Wild Rose Recap Pt 1

Here’s the recap of my first four days of my second round of the Wild Rose D-Tox, a 12-day cleanse focused on ultra-clean eating and a team of herbal supplements. To see the other posts in this series, click HERE

Day 1: 7/11/16

The daily protocol for the Wild Rose D-Tox includes a regimen of supplements–four pills + 40 liquid drops– that are taken twice daily, a recommended 1.5 – 2L of water, and a strict set of dietary guidelines that govern your food choices. Wild Rose suggests that 80% of your daily intake come from alkaline foods, and excludes the consumption of  dairy (except for butter!), white flour, and sugar, as well as some other items including vinegar, sweet and dried fruit/melons, peanuts, and all sweeteners.  (more…)

Detox Diaries, Version 2.0

Wild Rose Detox Diaries 2016 Edition

It was one-too-many late night grilled cheese sandwiches that brought me to this place. Well, grilled cheese, potato chips, cake, bread and butter, chicken fingers, honey mustard, and Ben and Jerry’s, to be fair, but the 1am grilled cheese was the straw that broke the camel’s back. It’s been real, and it’s been fun, but…

It’s too much.

I need a reset.

My body wants a break! (more…)

Talking Body Love & Making a Cameo on the Girlspo+ Blog!

Team Girlspo

One of the cooler aspects of being a blogger is the opportunity to collaborate with different brands. Back in February, I was lucky enough to be able to join the Girlspo+ tribe as a brand ambassador. If you aren’t already acquainted with the Girlspo+, you need to be–their guide, message, and mission are next-level amazing. (You can read about my experience with the guide HERE, if you’re interested!) Look, I’m mad picky about my affiliations. If I don’t want to scream from the rooftops that I’m part of something, then I don’t want it. (And I definitely don’t want it on the blog!) I will only feature products or partner with brands that I am ALL about, so you can trust that if I’m recommending something, it is because I am personally very into it, if not obsessed with it. Obsession is the name of the game when it comes to my feelings for Girlspo. (more…)

Supplement Game Strong: 3 Supps I Swear By + Why

3 Supplements I Swear By

I ran a quick poll on Twitter a few weeks ago asking about topics you’d like to see covered on Vitality Child, and info on supplements–my ride-or-die supplements, specifically–was the clear winner. I can totally understand why, too: supplements are weird and mysterious. I recently completed a sports nutrition course, and the lesson about sports supplements is supposedly always the best-attended, highest-traffic lecture of the entire program. It was also the topic that I personally looked most forward to learning about. So I get it – supplements are a very interesting thing. They’re also things that I personally consume each and every day. If you’re interested in that, read on! These are my three go-to, daily supplements that I take, and that I would recommend to anyone looking to get a little wellness boost and improve overall health. (more…)