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Loving Lately: 12.09.16 ♡

It’s (somehow?!) the last Loving Lately of 2016! Here are four things I’m super into rn…#4 is definitely my fav. 😉

1. International Delight Frosted Sugar Cookie Coffee Creamer.

So…I drink coffee now. Instead of walking to Starbucks every morning and getting a Spiced Sweet Cream Cold Brew or an iced double shot with coconut milk, I’ve been making caffeinated concoctions at home. My go-to ATM involves coffee, lots of cinnamon, and flavored coffee creamer, specifically International Delight’s new seasonal Frosted Sugar Cookie creamer. OMG. It literally tastes like liquified Christmas cookies. Best discovery ever. So yeah, I add the stuff to coffee, duh, but it also makes an amazing addition to a lazy girl frozen hot chocolate I make in the Vitamix–just an instant hot chocolate packet, ice, water, and a generous pour of this creamer and you have the easiest faux-gourmet treat around. (more…)

Loving Lately: 10.18.16 ♡


Get excited! Loving Lately is back for October! It’s been awhile since I’ve hit you with a  personal post, so this edition of LL is going to hit two birds with one stone. I’ve been absent on the blog this week because I recently started some new consulting work, so I’ve been busy with training and getting started on the project. It’s been an adjustment! I’m right in the initial not-quite-sure-how-I’m-going-to-do-everything-I-want-to-do phase that comes with a new commitment, and it’s a little daunting. Not only have I been struggling to figure out a new schedule with writing, updating, and working out because of the new job, but the last week has also involved weddings, birthdays, and family get togethers, so life has been especially hectic. Good hectic, though! Anyway, I wanted to make sure that I got at least ONE real post in this week before sharing my Wednesday links, so Loving Lately fit the bill nicely. This particular feature is a little shorter than past LL posts, but I hope you’ll enjoy it all the same. Here are three things that I’m loving rn. (more…)

Back to Basics: Spilling My Skincare Secrets!


Admittedly, I haven’t always taken the best care of my skin. I used to find the whole skincare routine thing pretty annoying, primarily because my former skincare routine–back in the day–took place in the morning, was rather time consuming, and produced less-than-ideal results. It was like, what’s the point? Why am I even doing this? My skin was just skin, and I didn’t put much time, attention, or effort into caring for it, let alone improving it! Now that I’ve gotten things fully figured out, though, my skincare routine has honestly become one of my favorite parts of my day. Aside from finding the perfect tools and products for my skin, switching the timing of my regimen, so the majority of my skincare process takes place at night instead of in the morning, has made a world of difference. In the morning, it’s a chore. At night, it’s a *~ritual~*. Here are the exact products and tools I’m currently using that are giving me the best skin of my life. (more…)

#TBT + TGIT: A Power Playlist

Power Playlist VC TBT

The weekend is in sight, babes! Today we’re livening things up with a little music action. I put together a quick playlist full of some of my favorite fun throwback jams, just long enough to fit on a mix CD (and get you through a cardio session or two at the gym!) Listen up for feel-good faves from the early –  late 00s, one-hit wonders you forgot, and not-so-guilty pleasures that are practically guaranteed to boost your mood and make your workout fly by. TGIT! (more…)