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Back to Basics: Spilling My Skincare Secrets!


Admittedly, I haven’t always taken the best care of my skin. I used to find the whole skincare routine thing pretty annoying, primarily because my former skincare routine–back in the day–took place in the morning, was rather time consuming, and produced less-than-ideal results. It was like, what’s the point? Why am I even doing this? My skin was just skin, and I didn’t put much time, attention, or effort into caring for it, let alone improving it! Now that I’ve gotten things fully figured out, though, my skincare routine has honestly become one of my favorite parts of my day. Aside from finding the perfect tools and products for my skin, switching the timing of my regimen, so the majority of my skincare process takes place at night instead of in the morning, has made a world of difference. In the morning, it’s a chore. At night, it’s a *~ritual~*. Here are the exact products and tools I’m currently using that are giving me the best skin of my life. (more…)

My Perfume Wardrobe!


I’ve always been the kind of girl who likes to have a lot of options. It’s just not smart to put all of your eggs in one basket, you know? This is a concept I apply in nearly every facet of my life, and it has, more often than not, served me quite well…not mad about it. One area I used to wish were a bit more pared down, though, is probably my more-extensive-than-necessary perfume collection. In fact, it’s more of a library. A wardrobe, if you will. I’m borderline obsessed with finding my “signature scent”, but every time I think I’ve found my perfect match, I either tire of it, or find something that I love even more. The silver lining to this, though, is that I have amassed a literal wardrobe of fragrances with an option for any and every occasion.  It’s actually pretty great. Want a peek into my perfume closet? Here are some of my favorite scents for five different occasions. (more…)

Gym Bag Beauty Essentials

Gym Bag Beauty and Makeup Essentials

Some girls love wearing makeup to the gym and others hate it. Personally, while I wont go full-glam before a workout, I DO like to look cute and presentable. You know–look good, feel good, feel good play good, play good pay good?…Something like that. Take a peek inside my makeup bag with this post and peep my beauty essentials! Because what’s in my gym bag > what’s in my purse. (more…)

It’s LIT: The Best Highlighters for EVERY Budget


If you’ve read the blog for awhile, you’re probably already aware that highlighter is by far my favorite beauty product. I swear by it. It comes in a variety of shades, formulations, and price points and I have amassed quite the collection of the stuff. The best illuminators, in my opinion, give a fresh, healthy, youthful glow. Glow is the name of the game. I’ve tried at least 10 illuminators over the last few years, but have recently settled on my beauty top three…These are the best of the best! They don’t so much provide color as they impart LIGHT. What girl doesn’t want that? Whether you’re looking to save, splurge, or spend somewhere in the middle, there’s a killer highlighter that you should definitely get your hands on. Here’s the scoop (and the swatches!) – priced from lowest to highest. (more…)

10 Awesome Beauty Buys from Etsy

10 Best Beauty Buys on Etsy

If you’re anything like me, Etsy is likely your go-to for hand-crafted, personal items, unique jewelry, or vintage clothing. What you may not realize, however, is that the site is basically a goldmine for beauty products. From small-batch skincare to indie  cult faves, every beauty-minded babe should be shopping Etsy…That is, if you’re into gorgeous packaging, great pricing, and natural ingredients. Here are 10 killer beauty buys you can find on Etsy.

1. Fat & The Moon Lip & Cheek Stain

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Plant-based lip and cheek stain made with all-natural, organic ingredients. $12.

2. Beige Dusk Grey Rose Lip Salve // Rose + Grapefruit Lip Scrub Set.

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A set of rosey lip salve and scrub designed for kissable lips with castor oil, jojoba oil, and Vitamin E oil. $12.

3. Glory Boon Wholesome Cosmetics Luminizer

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Champagne-tinted highlighting powder with buildable, customizable color. Cruelty-free, vegan, and fragrance free. $18.

Turmeric Lovin’ – The Full Story On My Fave Spice!


If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen my post last week featuring wonder spice turmeric. As I mentioned there, I’m obsessed with turmeric because it has basically a million benefits: it’s an anti-inflammatory, a natural mood booster, it helps with cognitive function and aids digestion, and it does great things for skin when applied topically. To get my daily dose of turmeric, I buy the powder in bulk and make my own supplements. I also mix some with a little raw honey and coconut oil to make a face mask that gives me soft, glowing skin! Aside from this mask being inexpensive, all-natural, and chemical free, the addition of turmeric helps to reduce hyperpigmentation and evens skin tone. It’s also been suggested that regular application/face washing with turmeric can actually significantly reduce facial hair growth, and slow signs of aging. Total super spice, right?! ANYWAY, I wanted to share the love! I thought I’d use this space to expand on that initial IG post, and link you guys to some killer resources for finding out more about turmeric, and how to best utilize it! (more…)