Dropping in with a personal post to catch you all up on what’s happening with me: currently. I always have a bit of a soft spot for these features whenever they surface on other blogs, so I’m hoping that you guys will enjoy this little entry. I’m hoping to resume a semi-normal, though admittedly pared-down posting schedule, and to focus on writing more non-personal posts soon, by the way. Until then, though, here’s a quick update.

Current Book:

I’m reading All The Light We Cannot See and listening to Methland. #eclectic Seriously though, I live for non-fiction and memoir, so it takes a really good review or recommendation to read something out of those genres. I think before All The Light We Cannot See, the last fiction novel I read was Gone Girl. Oops.

Current Movie:

I’m not a Disney girl, but I kind of can’t wait for the live-action Beauty and the Beast to come out! Belle was by far my favorite princess when I was growing up. Then again, that miiight be because she was the only princess I was familiar with as a child (besides Mulan and, uh, Nala, who aren’t technically princesses anyway.) I literally saw The Little Mermaid for the first time this fall. As a 26-year-old. So there’s that. I also want to see Get Out!

Current TV Show:

I just started The Path on Hulu, I’m struggling to get through the current season of The Bachelor, I’m as obsessed with Vanderpump Rules as ever, and I checked out the first episode of E!’s new scripted series, The Affair. Also getting back into Scandal! (I often have the TV on as background noise as I’m cleaning or hammering out an article, so I “watch” a lot of shows.)

Current Listen:

Missing Richard Simmons. If you aren’t listening to this podcast, you need to be. It’s like S1 of Serial, but with a celebrity twist. Go download the first episode and I’ll promise you’ll be hooked. I don’t even want to say anything else–you should go into it as fresh and unknowing as possible. WHERE IS HE?!?

Current Food:

Pizza. Or corndogs. Corndogs are really having a major moment in my diet as of late, TBH.

Current Obsession:

Heidi Gibson rings. I’m a proud member of the LadyGang Facebook group, and one of my fellow lady gangsters/group members just got engaged with a Heidi Gibson ring and introduced me to the brand and OMG are they gorgeous.

Current Want:

A pair of slip-on platform sneakers. I’ve been eying a few different pairs from Vince, Kenzo, and Sam Edelman, but I’m pretty sure I’ve settled on this pair from Superga. Just need to push ‘BUY’. So cute.

Current Need:

Puppy snuggles. Have I mentioned lately how much I love having three? And having a girl? Because I do. Life is good.

Current Mood:

It’s…complicated. I alluded to this a bit on Instagram, but I suffered a major loss last month when my favorite aunt and godmother unexpectedly passed away. I’ve been dealing with some dark emotions and feeling pretty broken, which is part of the reason I haven’t been active online much recently. It’s just…too hard. While I am in no way back to normal (whatever that even is,) I am at the point of being able to be functional. I’ll never stop missing my sweet auntie, who touched my life in more ways than she could have possibly ever known, but in the last few days, I’ve actually felt the tiniest glimmer of, okay, you’ll get through this. I know I will, because I have to. And I know that Auntie would want me to live well and be happy. But right now, it’s tricky.

Currently Relevant:

These links…

  1. What Do We Do With the Clothing of Grief?” by Laura Turner for RACKED.
  2. Why I Don’t Lift Heavy Weights Anymore” by Rachel Attard.
  3. Model/host/author/my ultimate girl crush Chrissy Teigen opens up to Glamour about her battle with postpartum depression.



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