I didn’t make any resolutions this year. That’s a first for me. Instead, I found myself drawn to the idea of a Word of the Year–choosing a single term that serves to represent what you’d like to get out of the next 12 months.

The value of selecting a specific word for the year, I think, is that instead of setting rigid, concrete goals, you’re setting a gentle-but-powerful intention. A WOTY is a bite-sized mantra that you can reference and use as inspiration, or to attract more of a certain element into your existence. It can also hold you accountable. So, pick a word. Let’s set the mood for 2017, shall we?!

My word of the year is FIRE.

It’s actually an acronym, though:





When I think of fire, I think power. Passion. A little danger. But also, beauty. Warmth. Strength.

(TBH it also kind of makes me think of that song from Mulan…”We must be swift as the coursing river/With all the force of a great typhoon/With all the strength of a raging fire

Mysterious as the dark side of the mooooon.”)

All of that? It’s exactly how I want to feel this year.

I want to pay attention, to live intentionally and gracefully, to be excited, passionate, and prepared, to take action, and to confront (and conquer!) my challenges. I want to be full of life.

When I was settling on a word, “glow” was another strong contender–I appreciate the soft, happy, pretty, and healthy connotations I associate with it. I ultimately chose fire, though, because I want this year to be about more than soft, happy prettiness. I want to find and stand in my power. I want passion and ambition and strength alongside my beauty. A fire is beautiful, yeah, but you don’t fuck with it.

You all know I love a good resolution, but for some reason, simply choosing a word to guide me this year felt so much more empowering. While brainstorming, I used this list to find inspiration and narrow my focus. And since people tend to have more than one new year’s resolution, I think it’s only fitting that there are actually three more words–and thus, ~*vibes*~–that I’d like to attach to 2017: purpose, openness, and adaptability. I’m focusing on the feeling. This all feels so much bigger and more powerful than making a checklist of things I’d like to do in the next 11 months. So, here’s to fire.

Have you selected a Word of the Year? I’d love to know your pick!



2 comments on “My 2017 Word of the Year”

  1. I love that. Fire. That’s great, and what it means to you. It’s hard to pick a word of the year but if I could, I guess it would be …. full-force? Does that count? I want to go full-force and wholeheartedly with every goal I set out for this year. Blogging for instance.. I’m about a month in since I started blogging and I plan to run full force with it. I’m excited and motivated.

    • Hi Chelsea! Thanks for the love! 🙂 I think full-force TOTALLY counts for word-of-the-year…it’s a great one. You sound passionate and engaged and motivated–I’m so excited for you and your blog! ♡ Here’s to 2017!

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