It’s (somehow?!) the last Loving Lately of 2016! Here are four things I’m super into rn…#4 is definitely my fav. 😉

1. International Delight Frosted Sugar Cookie Coffee Creamer.

So…I drink coffee now. Instead of walking to Starbucks every morning and getting a Spiced Sweet Cream Cold Brew or an iced double shot with coconut milk, I’ve been making caffeinated concoctions at home. My go-to ATM involves coffee, lots of cinnamon, and flavored coffee creamer, specifically International Delight’s new seasonal Frosted Sugar Cookie creamer. OMG. It literally tastes like liquified Christmas cookies. Best discovery ever. So yeah, I add the stuff to coffee, duh, but it also makes an amazing addition to a lazy girl frozen hot chocolate I make in the Vitamix–just an instant hot chocolate packet, ice, water, and a generous pour of this creamer and you have the easiest faux-gourmet treat around.

2. Badass podcasts & Facebook groups.

I feel like I’ve written a million posts about podcasts, but I just had to mention a few new additions to my favorites list:  LadyGang, and Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald, specifically. You can check out what I had to say about LadyGang HERE, but just know that if you’re into reality TV/comedy/behind-the-scenes showbiz gossip/Real Housewives/celebrity guests, you’ll be hooked on Juicy Scoop after a single episode. What makes both of these podcasts so awesome, though, is that they actually both have their own Facebook groups. So, not only do you get to connect with a community of like-minded listeners, but you also get to–at least in the case of LadyGang–connect with the hosts of the podcast on a personal level. The LadyGang community has even developed side groups specifically for moms, girl bosses, politics, and health and fitness enthusiasts! It’s pretty much the best thing ever. Everyone is so cool and funny, and the main LG group goes there…from discussing our good week/bad weeks, to asking for career advice, to sharing hookup horror stories. I actually just joined the Juicy Scoop Obsessed group this week, but it has already lived up to its name, because shit went down earlier this week and things got dramatic real quick. I love it. The groups are pretty much the only reason I go on Facebook these days kthnxbye.

3. Winter-themed onesies.

I’m very much into loungewear, and I’d been wanting an adult onesie for the last few winters or so. They’re everywhere these days! Target. TJ Maxx. Victoria’s Secret. Lululemon. The onesie is trending hard, and this year, I decided I wanted in on that trend. Enter the holly-printed onesie from ASOS! It’s made from sweatshirt material, so it’s basically the ultimate in cozy. I made Alex get a matching one. It’s so awful. In a dream world, I’d have scored something with built-in feet and potentially a butt flap…but at 5’8″, that’s kind of a tough find. This is actually a men’s style, and the length is still a little off for me #longlegproblems. It works, though! I have one, and I want like 5 more. For real. ASOS has a ton of cute ones if you have similar desires.

4. PONY!

Definitely saved the best for last with this one: I have a new family member, guys! We rescued Pony from a local shelter earlier this week. She’s a one-year-old Maltese mix and she couldn’t be sweeter! I’ve been begging for another dog for, oh, 2-3 years now, so this is a big deal. Big. Huge. I was scrolling through the pet adoption listings last weekend when I saw her photo and I knew I had to meet her. According to the website, she was “almost ready” and awaiting spay surgery. We rushed over as soon as the location opened the next day (and even called to ask about her first!) but when we got there, Pony was nowhere to be found! It turned out that she had been taken to surgery early that morning and we wouldn’t be able to see her that day. Still, I just had this feeling that Pony–who at that time was going by the name Louise–was meant to be ours, so we actually put her on hold with the humane society before even meeting her. I thought/worried about her for the rest of the day and woke up early the next morning to meet her, and when I did, it was love. Guys, she is perfect. She’s smart, affectionate, playful, and Phillip adores her. The staff at the center we adopted Pony from told us that she was a transfer from another shelter in Alabama, and that when she came in, she was sick and had fleas. 🙁 We adopted her literally the first day she became available. I couldn’t be happier! (Note: It should also be noted that I am OBSESSED with this pup-soothing white noise video while we’re attempting to crate train our little princess…this was actually going to be an item on my LL list, but I figured I should explain why I’m loving a random white-noise recording! Pony. It’s for Pony. :))

What are you loving lately?



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    • 🙂 🙂 🙂
      We found her at the St. Paul Humane Society! I stalked the MN Humane Society website after we went to the Golden Valley location & ALL of the dogs we fell in love with were on hold/waiting to be adopted. You can actually look through their listings of adoptable dogs before you go, though, which is super helpful/how we found our girl!

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