By now, we all know that self care is of paramount importance. It’s been a mainstay on this very blog since I started writing. A lot of stories that center on self care, though, seem to focus on great big things people can do to care for themselves–things that can take up a lot of time, energy, and/or money. In my opinion, however, self care should be a DAILY thing. And a weekly thing. And a monthly thing. Seriously, guys; we should be treating ourselves well as frequently as possible. But how?! Like THIS. (If you’re me, anyway.) Here are a few self-care rituals I do each day, week, and month…feel free to make them yours! 😉 


  • Dry brush.

Daily dry brushing is something I’ve been doing for the past few years, and I’m totally hooked. Not only is it awesome for circulation and skin tone, but it’s one of those things that doesn’t allow you to multitask while you’re doing it. I really pay attention to what I’m doing as I brush, focusing on my body and how it feels and giving my “trouble spots” a little extra TLC. This takes maybe 5 minutes maximum, so I don’t have any excuse to skip it!

  • Write

Since I freelance, blog, and do social media consulting, I write literally every day…It’s a job requirement. Still, though, I make sure to get in some time each day to write for myself. I journal. I make lists. I take notes. And it’s all for ME. Some days I write a lot, and other days I’m burnt out and just not feeling it at all, but writing is such a part of my identity that I feel it’s critical for me to do each day.

  • Take intentional “quiet” time.

It’s weird how luxurious a little quiet can be. Each day, I aim to take a minimum of 30 minutes out to indulge in silence. I love podcasts, audiobooks, and Netflix, but I actually appreciate zoning out sans sound. I’ll read or write in silence, go for a walk without music, or attempt to meditate. Bonus: it’s totally free!


  • Apply a face mask.

What is it about a face mask that’s so fun?! I love them, and I’ve amassed quite the collection of potions that all do different things. (I swear by this set of masks from Freeman, for example!) I put one on once a week or so, and keep it on while I blog or watch an episode of reality TV. I like to switch it up! My favorite right now is this one from Mario Badescu. Doing a weekly mask makes me happy, and it has made my skin awesome.

  • Do an XL workout.

I work out most days, but once a week, I actually enjoy scheduling and participating in a longer-length workout, usually in the form of a long run. Sometimes I’ll splurge and take a 90-minute hot yoga class. I’m not sure if it’s the endorphins or the total break from reality that comes with an XL workout, but I’m into it. This one is a must for my mind and body!

  • Have family dinner.

Since we moved back to my hometown, we’ve been having family dinner and dessert sessions with my parents every Sunday, and it’s truly one of my favorite parts of my week. There really isn’t anything better than love, good food, and laughter, all of which are majorly welcomed since I was away for the last ~3.5 years! Whether you do a girls night, date night, or family night, make some time each week to be around people who love you and make you feel like the best, happiest version of yourself. It’s so good for you.


  • Indulge in an all-out-pamper experience.

If you’ve read this far, you already know that I gravitate towards beauty-centric acts of self care, so it really only makes sense that once a month, I take it to the next level and curate an all-out pamper experience. I’ll do the usual dry brush + face mask thing, but also add in a hair mask, mani/pedi, a candlelit bath with a Lush bomb, dry oil, teeth whitening. I also like to use this time to catch up on magazines. It’s a wonderful, nourishing way to spend an evening or Sunday afternoon. For a really special occasion, nothing beats a legit spa day, but those are few and far between for me…bring on the massages, blow-outs, and body wraps, please!

  • Have a non-traditional date night.

Self-care doesn’t always have to be a solo pursuit! In fact, one of my favorite things to do each month is to have a date night with my man. Instead of doing the typical dinner-and-a-movie thing, though, I like to mix it up. We’ll cook dinner together, go for a late-night grocery run (sounds lame, but is actually really amusing and different), grab breakfast out together before heading to work, or go somewhere fancy on a Tuesday night. It’s a fun way to have some quality couple time.

  • Do something creative.

Writing is creative, yeah, but once a month it’s cool to mix it up a little and tackle a larger, more time-consuming creative pursuit. I like to collage, color, bake, and do simple DIYs. I feel like this helps to keep me sharp, and keeps things interesting and helps me to break out of any ruts or writers block. I have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to creative projects I’m dying to try, so I never have to come up with ideas for what to do out of thin air.

What are some of your favorite ways to practice self care?



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