Let’s talk pups. My dogs, Phillip and Chauncey, are the absolute loves of my life. I waited nearly 22 years before getting my first furry pet, and Phillip, my five-year-old bichon-shih tzu mix is quite literally the best gift I’ve ever received. Since I’m pretty much your standard crazy dog lady, I was crazy excited when Fit Approach gave me the opportunity to partner with Whistle for their Whistle Fit campaign. Since I’ve spent the past few weeks being extra active with my boys and playing around with the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker, I thought that now would be the perfect time to share my review of the awesome device with you guys! (Plus, I have a coupon code and a giveaway for you, too.) Wanna get #WhistleFit with your pet?! Read on! Here are all of the details.



Whistle is a super-cool piece of technology that uses a GPS-enabled device to track the whereabouts of your pooch! Whistle uses a rechargeable battery and it’s extremely durable and waterproof, so your dog can get into whatever and still be covered. You can get more info about Whistle and check out their FAQ here! Social? Peep their Instagram and Twitter accounts, both @whistlelabs.


After charging the device, downloading the Whistle mobile app, and going through the set-up process, you just snap the tracker onto your dog’s collar. Though the mobile app, you set up a customizable “home zone” for your pup, from there, you can opt to receive in-app or text message notifications whenever he or she leaves said zone. Whistle offers nationwide coverage using cellular and GPS technology to track your dog’s location anywhere in the us! Aside the tracking feature, the Whistle app also does health monitoring, measuring rest and activity, which can provide cool insights about your pup’s health and behavior.



Phillip is my little angel puppy, but our dog Chauncey is the ultimate escape artist. Seriously, he loves to run. Thankfully, it’s been awhile since he’s pulled off a true escape, but if you’ve ever seen your dog book it down the street–no matter how gleeful he may appear–you know the feeling of sheer terror that comes along with it. Guys, it’s awful. Chauncey can run so fast and so far, and since he’s a little guy, he darts off and all you see of him is a little black blur…if you see him at all.  That’s why Whistle is so key for me! If Chaunce ever did get lost, instead of patrolling the neighborhood like a maniac trying to find him, I could actually use the tracker to know exactly where he is. It’s such good peace of mind! Also, as an info nerd and fitness enthusiast, it’s super interesting to pour over the activity stats that Whistle collects! When you set up your profile in the app, you record your dog’s name, breed, D.O.B., and weight, and you can track their activity progress and set custom goals for your little guy. Plus, you can set alerts if there are major changes to their sleep or activity patterns. It’s super interesting.



Whether you have a little escape artist of your own, or if you’re just interested in monitoring your doggy’s activity level, Whistle is a great buy! And, since you’re a Vitality Child reader, I have a special promo code for you, too! Use code WHISTLEFIT through 11/23/16 for $30 off your purchase of the Whistle GPS Pet Tracker! Of course, if you really want to save, leave me a comment here or on this IG before 11/20/16, and tell me why you’d love a Whistle tracker of your own! I’ll be selecting one lucky reader to get their very own Whistle. You’ll love it!

Can’t wait to get #WhistleFit with you!



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  1. Great read! I’ve definitely had an escape artist of a pup before…Abby would fly out the door any chance she got. It would have been super helpful to have the Whistle on her! Glad it’s here now!

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