so-excited-rnI’m a big believer in the importance of having things to look forward to. Anticipation is a powerful thing! One of the best parts about the feeling of anticipation, in my opinion, is the feeling of excitement that goes along with it. Really, is there any better feeling than being really and truly EXCITED about something? I think not. It’s great. Excitement is also a pretty personal thing…you can find out a lot about a person if you can figure out what kind of things excite them, even if the person in question is you. In that spirit, here’s the second installment of my omgSOexcited series! Here are a few things I’m excited about & looking forward to this week.

1. Daylight savings time!

Why yes, I will totally take an extra hour of sleep or AM productivity, thanks. Not super into the whole fewer-hours-of-sunlight thing, but thankfully I have a SAD lamp to help combat that.

2. I have a really cool week of content planned for the blog!

Aside from this post and the usual Wednesday link love, you’ll also be getting a review of an awesome dog-related gadget (with a coupon code for you and your pup, natch!), a post on an easy way to eat better, and mayyybe even a bonus post this weekend. Get excited!

3. I’m gonna start Christmas shopping & crafting!

I love Christmas shopping. It’s a weird activity that’s somehow both soothing and energizing–I legitimately look forward to finding my loved ones the perfect gifts each year. I’ll be doing a fair bit of online shopping (hello, Cyber Monday deals!) but the majority of my time will likely be spent in various malls. Shopping is my cardio for real. I’ve also gotten knee-deep into the Pinterest gift crafting scene recently, so I’m looking forward to putting a few cool DIY items together for fun. Maybe I’ll do a post on a few of my favs? Stay tuned.


Over it, guys. So over ALL of it. Tuesday, I love you.

What are you excited about this week?



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