Happy NEWvember! New month = new goals. Here are four things I’m planning on focusing on this month, plus a little check-in on how October went, too.

October Goals Check-In

1. Successfully complete #TIU 31.

Check! I nailed this goal. While I didn’t follow the schedule flawlessly, I did successfully complete the challenge and I feel awesome. Plus, I’m down 5lbs! Score!

2. Only have one treat after dinner.

Also check! I think that because I was so committed to crushing #TIU31, I didn’t even have time to think about extra treats? It just wasn’t a part of my plan, so it was out of my head. I’m not endlessly grazing after dinner anymore, and that feels really good.

3. Do things when I think of them–don’t wait until later/the last minute.

I mean, is it even possible to do this 100% of the time? I feel like I definitely improved in this area in October…I probably do things in the moment 80% of the time now instead of the 50% that I was sitting at before setting this goal, but I’m still not perfect.

4. Stop going to bed with my phone in my hand.

FAIL. See, I told you this was going to be a hard habit to break! I’m so addicted to my phone and it’s so bad. Oops!

November Goals

1. Read 20 pages a day.

Aside from my consulting work, I actually don’t spend a ton of time on social media. When I’m online, I’m reading something. Blog posts. Essays. News stories. Newsletters. Still, though, reading actual print materials is something that always finds a way onto any list of goals, because it’s something that I just don’t do frequently enough these days. So this month, I’m doing it (again.) I’m all eBooks and actual books. And since 20 pages is nothing, this should be completely doable. (Hopefully!)

2. Set up our home office.

Ugh ugh ugh, so not looking forward to this task! I need to clear the final boxes out of this room, which is easier said than done when you no longer have the furniture that the items in said boxes contained. I need new desk…like yesterday. It’s gotta happen this month!

3. Work on content planning for the rest of the year.

Umm, how crazy is it that there are only 8 weeks left of 2016?!? Insane. I’m actually SO excited to tackle my editorial calendar for the rest of the year, though! I actually became inspired to do this after stumbling across a post on Pinterest about creating a YEAR’S worth of content in less than a week…and then diving deep, deep into the world of specialty planners. While I probably won’t be purchasing a specially-designed blogging agenda, I AM going to be sitting down in front of a calendar to figure out what and when I’ll be posting for the remainder of 2016. I’m going to be aiming for a minimum of three posts each week, and I want to work on content that I can pre-schedule and have set to post so that I have some slack when things get busy around the holidays.

4. Keep up with my current fitness level so I can go into the holidays strong!

I read an article once where a dietician told a client who asked about cheat days during an intense diet to think of it like going on vacation…if you’re financial standing is good, you can afford a vacation and taking time off/spending $$$ on your trip really won’t set you back. If you’re already in debt and you elect to go on a trip, though, you probably won’t be in such good shape when everything is said and done. See the connection? I want to make sure that I can afford to take my vacation this December, so maintaining my current level of fitness and healthy lifestyle THIS month is key. I’m going to be eating mindfully, practicing intermittent fasting, and working out 5x a week so I can do the opposite in December!

What are your goals this month?



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