3 Little Things You Can Do to Improve Your Day RIGHT NOW

It’s that time of the week/month/year…more teeny-tiny life hacks! Here are three new tips for making the most of your life right now.

1. Clean up your camera roll.

There’s something about a cluttered camera roll that makes me weirdly anxious. A little tidying up can go a long way! Between blurry pics, dressing room shots, saved memes, photos of your pets, and the 100 selfies you took but didn’t post, there are probably a large collection of images that are currently taking up precious storage space on your device. My advice? Do a monthly inventory. Email, Instagram, Dropbox or otherwise upload the shots that you LOVE, and delete the ones you don’t really care about. Clear it out and clear your mind!

2. Get near the water.

Growing up in the Land of 10000 Lakes, I definitely took my proximity to water for granted. When we moved to Milwaukee, we lived blocks away from Lake Michigan so I got my fill, but last year in the suburbs of Chicago, I found myself seriously missing the easy access to bodies of water that weren’t man-made that I’d enjoyed for the majority of my life. There’s just something about being near the water…it’s literally human nature to seek it out. Plus, it’s gorgeous. Being close to water is just. so. soothing. Calming and visual benefits aside, being near the ocean–or any large body of water, really–has can have other positive impacts on your wellbeing including can an increase in mindfulness, heightened creativity, and a feeling of oneness with nature. You can find out more about all of this HERE and HERE, but basically, water is bomb. Next time you need a break follow the popular social media quotation and “let the sea set you free.” It’s so good for you!

3. Write yourself a mirror message.

I listen to this amazing podcast called The Ladygang, and one of the hosts of said podcast, Keltie Knight, introduced me to the concept of the “mirror message”. It’s basically a love note you write yourself–perhaps in lipstick, on your mirror,–and then post it somewhere you see ALL of the time. It’s like a mantra or an affirmation, but better. If sacrificing a tube of your fav lippie in the name of inspiration doesn’t exactly excite you, feel free to create a digital image using an app (Rhonna, Typic, and A Beautiful Mess are all perfect for this!) and save it as your wallpaper or lock screen for maximum visibility. Change as needed. Check out Pinterest for inspiration.



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