I’m a big believer in the importance of having things to look forward to. Anticipation is a powerful thing! One of the best parts about the feeling of anticipation, in my opinion, is the feeling of excitement that goes along with it. Really, is there any better feeling than being really and truly EXCITED about something? I think not. It’s great. Excitement is also a pretty personal thing…you can find out a lot about a person if you can figure out what kind of things excite them, even if the person in question is you. In an attempt to be more aware of the things in my life that bring me joy, and to hopefully attract a little more joy and excitement to my life, I’m starting this series about, well, things I’m excited about! I want to make this kind of post a semi-weekly occurrence here…it’s a good opportunity to kick off the week right, and to use a lot of exclamation points. Both v important things, as far as I’m concerned. Here’s the scoop on five things that I’m excited about right now…not including the super-bomb dinner I’m gonna eat tonight.


1. I snagged pre-screening passes to see the movie The Loner on Friday, plus two invites to the movie’s afterparty.

Date night? New movie? After party? FOR FREE?! Yeah–sorry not sorry, but I’m super excited for this. I haven’t been to an actual theater for months, so the movie alone already constitutes a fun night out, but when you add in the after party (and the obvious obligatory after-party outfit,) things start to get wild.

2. I have two packages–fun packages, online clothing orders–that are set to be delivered this week!

Two new dresses should be hitting my doorstep this week, yay! Presents from myself to myself!

3. I’m getting into a groove with my consulting work! 

It feels SO good to have a more set schedule and some true consistency, and I’m at the point where I feel like I’ve really gotten the hang of my new gig. This means I’ll be less stressed and more efficient, which is major when it comes to work-life balance and my personal quality of life.

4. I have a breakfast date with my parents set for tomorrow!

After living states away from my parents for the better part of the last four years and missing them like CRAZY, now that they’re  finally nearby, I see them as much as I can. My parents are awesome, and my mom is one of my best friends, so yeah, I’m into being around them. We get together least once a week–we do a Sunday dinner thing–but this week I’ll get to see them before Sunday, and it’s to have breakfast at one of our favorite restaurants. Just because. Serious benefit of having them nearby.

5. Cat Marnell’s book FINALLY has an official release date!

K so this is admittedly semi old news, but since I’ve waited literal YEARS for this book to come out, I think it’s appropriate for me to still be excited about it. How To Murder Your Life comes out on January 31st of 2017, guys. That’s exactly 97 days from today. I may or may not have a countdown. It’s not technically happening this week, but still. SO EXCITED.

What’s something you’re currently excited about?!



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