Get excited! Loving Lately is back for October! It’s been awhile since I’ve hit you with a  personal post, so this edition of LL is going to hit two birds with one stone. I’ve been absent on the blog this week because I recently started some new consulting work, so I’ve been busy with training and getting started on the project. It’s been an adjustment! I’m right in the initial not-quite-sure-how-I’m-going-to-do-everything-I-want-to-do phase that comes with a new commitment, and it’s a little daunting. Not only have I been struggling to figure out a new schedule with writing, updating, and working out because of the new job, but the last week has also involved weddings, birthdays, and family get togethers, so life has been especially hectic. Good hectic, though! Anyway, I wanted to make sure that I got at least ONE real post in this week before sharing my Wednesday links, so Loving Lately fit the bill nicely. This particular feature is a little shorter than past LL posts, but I hope you’ll enjoy it all the same. Here are three things that I’m loving rn.

1. HEMPZ Treats Vanilla Creme Brûlée Herbal Body Wash


Walking the aisles of TJ Maxx on quiet Sunday afternoons is one of my favorite weird self-care rituals. I love a great bargain, and always something new to discover on the TJ’s shelves or within their racks. This body wash is one of those very discoveries, and OMG is it amazing. You guys know I have a soft spot for all things vanilla, but the fragrance of HEMPZ Treats is next level. This stuff guarantees a tub full of fluffy, perfumed bubbles that smell so delicious my mouth actually watered the first time I got a whiff of it. The scent lingers on your skin, too, which I love since it guarantees a gorgeous fragrance all day. Budget-conscious beauty babes will appreciate that this body wash is the perfect dupe for the with famed gourmand 3-in-1 bath products from Philosophy, too. Since I loved the body wash so much, I decided to do a little Internet recon on the HEMPZ brand, and I discovered that they have quite the following on Pinterest and Tumblr, and I found myself amassing a pretty large wish list of their products. They feature the most delectable-sounding gourmet flavors–good thing the holidays are just around the corner! 😉 If you see any HEMPZ products on your next TJ Maxx run, take my advice and scoop them up! You won’t regret it, promise.

2. Reply All “On The Inside” podcast series


If you’re into Serial or The Jinx, you’ll love this four-part podcast series from Reply All. The story follows a journalist who is interested in a blogger with a very curious background: he’s an inmate in federal prison facing a life sentence for murder. Oh, and he’s been IN prison since before the Internet was even a thing. Since the series is only four episodes long and the longest episode clocks in at just under 50 minutes, it’s highly entertaining, low-commitment introduction to the world of Serial-style content. I don’t want to give TOO much away here, but if you’re into the true crime genre and you’re a fan of podcasts, you should for sure go download these four episodes of Reply All.

3. Treasure&Bond burnout pocket tank.


Long story short: I’m obsessed with this tank top. It’s the best. Ever. As a girl who’s too tall to be short, but too short at 5’8″ to be tall tall, finding tops that hit at the right spot can be a bit of a challenge sometimes. This basic little burnout number from Treasure&Bond, though, is pretty much my holy grail of long-length tank tops–I’m SO glad to have found it! Not only is it tissue-thin and super soft, but it’s the perfect long length (it will fully cover your butt, so it’s the ideal pairing for leggings) but I also picked mine up at Nordstrom Rack for like, $6. Talk about a score! I have this tank in grey, but I’m going to grab another in white because it’s such a winner. If you’re short, this style miiight drown you, but the quality is so awesome that I highly recommend checking out Treasure&Bond’s other wares. You can’t ever go wrong with a good basic, right?

What are you loving lately?!



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