Admittedly, I haven’t always taken the best care of my skin. I used to find the whole skincare routine thing pretty annoying, primarily because my former skincare routine–back in the day–took place in the morning, was rather time consuming, and produced less-than-ideal results. It was like, what’s the point? Why am I even doing this? My skin was just skin, and I didn’t put much time, attention, or effort into caring for it, let alone improving it! Now that I’ve gotten things fully figured out, though, my skincare routine has honestly become one of my favorite parts of my day. Aside from finding the perfect tools and products for my skin, switching the timing of my regimen, so the majority of my skincare process takes place at night instead of in the morning, has made a world of difference. In the morning, it’s a chore. At night, it’s a *~ritual~*. Here are the exact products and tools I’m currently using that are giving me the best skin of my life.

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1. Clarisonic Mia 2.


The Clarisonic is pretty much the biggest deal ever. It’s definitely an investment purchase, but it is 100% worth it. Why? Aside from the baby-soft skin it tends to produce, it also massively boosts the impact of every other product you use. The sonic cleansing brush is gentle, but crazy effective–all you do is wet it, add cleanser (my Clarisonic actually came with a special bottle of cleanser and a face mask!), and push the power button. From there, you can choose between two speeds, and the device goes into a minute-long cycle with pulse prompts to guide your use: 20 seconds on your forehead, 20 seconds on your chin, 10 seconds on one cheek, and 10 seconds on your other cheek. It feels so cool! According to Clarisonic, you can even use it twice daily. I find my personal Mia 2 usage sweet spot to be once a day, but it’s something I really look forward to doing, and I feel like my skin genuinely looked better after the first time I tried it. Crazy stuff. There’s a reason Clarisonic has gained such a following–it WORKS. If you don’t have one yet, definitely put it on your list for the holidays! You can pick up your own Clarisonic HERE, and use coupon code HERCAMPUS for 15% off. (Code valid through 10/31)

2. Curology personalized skincare.

I’m fortunate enough to have pretty chill skin. It isn’t particularly oily or dry, I don’t really have wrinkles (…yet), and aside from a horomone-fueled monthly pimple or two, acne isn’t something I’ve had to deal with since my teens. My most pressing concern is hyperpigmentation, which I seem to have to deal with after any pimple, scratch, or skin mishap. I almost always get these super-cute (not) dark spots that look awful and take forever to fade. I’m also into preventative anti-aging, so I wanted a skincare solution that would hopefully address both of those issues. Enter Curology. Curology is subscription-based prescription skincare that’s created custom for each patient. You start the process by completing a short questionnaire that addresses your health history and skin concern and goals, upload a set of photos for Curology’s doctors to review, and then you’re shipped a bottle of unique-to-you skincare medication that is to be applied each night. It costs $19.95 per month, and a new bottle of medication is sent to you every 90 days. There’s also a “fine tuning” process, so your assigned medical provider can monitor your progress and tweak your prescription if needed. My custom Curology blend was formulated to address my unique issues: mild hormonal acne, hyperpigmentation, and aging. Since my acne concerns are pretty minimal, my serum contains a light concentration of trentinoin, plus vitamin C and niacinamide to target aging and dark spots. Guys, this is literally the only thing that has ever REALLY helped my hyperpigmentation, and fast. It works like a charm on old spots, yeah, but even better is that if I apply my Curology to a forming zit, if it can’t wipe it out entirely, it seriously knocks out the post-acne-inflammation and discoloration I’d otherwise deal with. I will admit that it’s not so great to pay a reoccurring $20 fee each month and to only be shipped product every 90 days, but the cost covers the medical consult and updates, shipping, and the actual medication itself. Plus, it’s personalized–always a win.

3. Rosehip oil.

The application of organic, cold-pressed rosehip oil is always the last step in my skincare routine. I first discovered the fragrant, all-natural moisturizer on one of those exploratory trips to Whole Foods…the kind where you don’t really need anything, but you want to look at everything. Beauty bloggers have been talking about the benefits of rosehip oil for a long time now, and the “oil cleansing” method of skin care was gaining steam. Curious, I decided to pick up a tiny bottle of the elixir and test my luck. Now, naturally the idea of applying straight OIL to your face can seem a bit off-putting and downright counter productive if you’re dealing with oily skin, but I promise that it won’t make your face a giant oil slick! A little goes a long way, and it makes your skin amazing. Aside from being a wonderfully hydrating moisturizer, rose hip oil contains antioxidants, vitamin A, and linolenic acid, which have been shown to fight and reduce signs of aging, and specifically sun damage and discoloration. Rose hip oil is also rich in essential fatty acids that can help improve skin texture and tone. My skin was softer and more supple instantly, and after about a month of consistent application, I noticed that my complexion was becoming more even. Another major plus is definitely waking up with the dewy, glowy skin that a nighttime application of rose hip tends to lend. So pretty.

Do you have a dedicated skincare routine or a must-have product or two?



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