Even though autumn is approximately five seconds long in Minnesota, I’m still a major sucker for all things fall fashion. The extra-frigid temps we experience is just an excuse to buy a jacket or two, you know? There are always a handful of styles that tend to make an impact on me each season, and even though our autumn is laughably brief, my love of trends knows no bounds. The heart doesn’t know that it doesn’t FEEL like fall, guys. Anyway! If you’re curious about cute, of-the-moment clothes and how to wear them, read on! Here are three of my favorite fall fashion trends for 2016.

Slip dresses–especially when worn over t-shirts.


Hello, 90s! Slip dresses don’t exactly scream FALL, but a slip dress layered over a long or short-sleeved shirt is the embodiment of transitional style. Layer up, babes! In order to make your slip dress look more autumnal, watch your colors. Black, olive, rust, and jewel tones lean cool, while cream, blush, nude, and champagne all evoke warmer seasons. If you already have an ethereal summer slip that you love, though, don’t be afraid to rock it! A good leather jacket and pair of boots will toughen the look right up.

Over-the-knee boots.


OTK boots seem to make an appearance every few years or so, and we’re reaching peek thigh-high this fall. Contrary to popular belief, girls of all heights can rock an over-the-knee boot. Taller ladies, however, can get away with boots that are truly thigh-high, while shorter women tend to favor knee-grazing style as not to dominate their entire look. When it comes to heel height and style, there are more options than one could imagine. Wedges. Platforms. Stilettos. Flats. Kitten. Sky-high heels. You name it, it’s out there. And thankfully, this style can now truly be found at every price point–I even saw OTK boots at TARGET the other day! Try these with jeans and leggings for daytime, or switch things up by teaming your boots with a pair of leather leggings or a short skirt for nights out. Go wild! Tights optional! Over-the-knee boots are instant sexy.



At this point, wearing athletic shoes in a non-gym atmosphere can’t even really be considered athlesiure, it’s just a fashionable way of life. The sneaks that are trending are low-profile throwbacks–think, old school Adidas 3-stripes, classic Vans, and Converse. Nike trainers in neutral hues, and New Balance lace-ups are also solid choices. The addition of athletic shoes lend virtually every outfit a model-off-duty kind of vibe, and they’ll keep your feet happier than any other footwear. Major score!

What are you loving this fall?



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