Did September seem to fly by for anyone else?! I feel like I was just marveling at the fact that we had entered PSL season, and now it’s officially full-blown FALL. October is always a pretty chill month, though, so I’m excited that it’s here. And of course, with new a month comes a new list of goals! I like the idea of honing in on 4 goals, so it feels like I have one thing to knock out each week. It doesn’t actually play out that way in reality, of course, but I appreciate it from a mental framing standpoint. Here’s what I’m planning to take on this October, plus a little check-in on September’s goals.

September Goals Check-In


1. Get settled in to our new place. 

Pretty much. I’d say that, at this point, I am 95% settled. We’re unpacked, we have all of the major furniture, and it feels like home. The office is still a mess and I need a new desk, though.

2. Really pay attention to my hunger signals and focus on eating ONLY when truly hungry.

YES. And I feel so much better!

3. Blog 3x each week.

Yep! And having chosen this task as a goal made me do it. Gonna try to keep it going this month!

4. Choose or design a new workout plan to follow. (And start it, duh!)

Not quite. I got really wrapped up in the research phase of this goal (don’t I always?!) and didn’t end up writing anything down. I did get back to working out with some consistency, though, and I made it my personal mission to at least hit my FitBit step goal each day.

October Goals


1. Successfully complete the Tone It Up #TIU31 challenge.

If you read this post about TIU31, you might remember that I tend to have trouble with challenges if I don’t get off to a strong start. Well, unfortunately for me, right as the challenge started I was basically sidelined with a pretty awful cold. Major bummer. I did day ONE of the challenge perfectly, but spent Sunday – Tuesday posted up in a blanket burrito in a NyQuil coma. Fun times! Anyway, I’m back on track with things now, and I really want to keep up this momentum! I want to keep attacking the workouts, and I have goals outlined for each week of the challenge in a note on my phone. It’s just a matter of staying on track and not getting discouraged or bored.

2. Only have one treat after dinner.

I absolutely do need to have a treat every day. I’ve learned this about myself – it keeps me sane. What I do not need, however, is to keep reaching for additional treats throughout the night after already having finished my designated treat for the day. For the month of October, I’m aiming for only ONE treat after dinner. Sweet or savory, just one. Snacking/grazing late at night has become a not-so-great habit for me as of late, and it’s something I need to get a handle on.

3. Do things when I think of doing them–don’t wait until later/the last minute.

I know goals should be specific and this is really broad, but it’s something that I struggle with in more than one area of my life, so I’m going with it! I want to get out of bed and immediately make my bed. I want to reply to emails as soon as I see them in by inbox. I want to write and schedule blog posts while I’m already on the computer and in work mode. I want to put my laundry away right after the dryer cycle is done. I don’t want to procrastinate! Putting things off is easy, but doing things immediately is not that hard. Seriously, it’s never TOO difficult. I just have to force myself to actually do it.

4. Stop going to bed with my phone in my hand.

This is such a bad habit of mine, and it’s one that I fear will be sooo hard to break! I know it’s bad, but I looove falling asleep after reading my saved articles on Pocket, or catching up with celebrity gossip on Daily Mail, or checking in on social media. It’s so soothing and familiar! But what I intend to be a 15-minute phone sesh always seems to turn into 45 minute (AT LEAST) pre-bed marathons. It sucks up my time, has a negative impact on my sleep cycle and quality, and sometimes even puts me into a not-so-great mood, so it needs to stop. I know this goal is going to be tricky since I enjoy it, and the whole phone-in-bed thing is basically part of my routine at this point, but I also know that it’s something I need to shift in order to get better sleep.



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