1. I had a donut cake for my 26th bday this year, but this brunch donut cake from The Kitchy Kitchen takes things to a whole new level of decadence.
  2. Calling all beauty junkies! You’re going to want to get aquatinted with Deciem skincare’s The Original line & the rise of their $6 high-performance serums, via Racked.
  3. Speaking of beauty, I was PRETTY sure that this article, which is entitled “The One Thing You Never Noticed About Beauty Products” was complete and total clickbait, but it’s NOT. Check it out on Buzzfeed!
  4. Really into this massive, expertly-curated list of travel tips from Huffington Post.
  5. Finally, according to Well + Good, it’s officially chill to fuel up on cookies pre-workout. (Kinda.)



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