…for my basic babes who don’t really bake. 😉

I’ll be the first to admit that many gluten-free food substitutes–bread, pizza dough, muffins, cookies, etc–can be…less than tasty. My mom, sister, and I are all gluten-sensitive, so I’ve been eating a gluten-light diet since before it was trendy, so I have some first-hand experience in the realm of g-free dining. Instead of suffering through digestive issues OR subpar replacements for my favorite treats, I tend to  to just skip them all together. Sometimes, though, a girl wants cake. Sometimes, especially if I’m that girl, she also wants to not have a stomach ache. And obviously it has to taste good! Enter this ridiculously simple and tasty pumpkin spice confection. This gluten-free pumpkin cake requires only a handful of ingredients, minimal prep time, and is stupid easy to make. It tastes good, too, even according to my gluten-loving dad and husband. Want to get your basic on? Read on and learn how to bake this effortless (but excellent!) fall treat.




Prepare cake according to the directions on the mix’s packaging, then mix in the can of pure pumpkin. Add spices to taste–I used about half a teaspoon each of cinnamon and ginger–and stir well. Bake according to directions. My cake took ~32 min.

After the cake has baked and cooled, top with buttercream or cream cheese frosting! Our local grocery store sells house-made buttercream that is to die for, so I went the lazy route and used that, but THIS recipe makes a killer buttercream, and THIS one is a highly-rated cream cheese frosting, if you’d like to DIY. All that’s left is to dig in!





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