You guys. I am so excited for October. Why? Because I’m ready to Tone It Up! On the first of the month, TIU is launching their fall challenge, TIU31…It’s Frisky Fall, reimagined! In the words of K&K, TIU31 is “for the busy girl who wants to take care of her body. She wants structure but flexibility, and she wants to feel confident in herself, her decisions and her body.” Sounds good, right?


For me, it’s perfect. The timing couldn’t be more ideal–it’s sadly predictable how my “summertime slump” seems to be–and the bite-sized, month-long format means that I’ll be able to stay inspired and on track for the program’s duration. Just because TIU31 runs for four weeks doesn’t mean that it won’t be genuinely challenging, though! I’ve already checked out the workout calendar for the series, and it looks really promising. It’s your typical mix of TIU-toning routines, cardio Booty Calls, and newly-added daily 31-rep challenge moves. One of the Sunday Runday prompts during the month is actually running a 10k, which I’m super excited about! Though I’ve definitely gotten back into running over the past few months, “long” runs–like, over 5k–are few and far between, so this targeted training should get me to a really nice rhythm.  But back to timing for a sec: I don’t know about you guys, but when it comes to taking these kinds of programs on, it is of paramount importance that I start strong. If there’s an obstacle or an event in the middle or at the end of a challenge? NBD. If it’s on day 1, or within the first week (as was my experience with the summer ’16 Bikini Series)? BFD. This program is short and sweet, kicking off after the end of summer holidays, and wrapping up before the winter ones begin. Pretty clutch. I have a wedding to attend in the middle of the month, but that’s it–it’s not like longer challenges where I’ve had to attempt to adhere to a plan admits multiple birthdays, holidays, and vacations.

If you want to get in on the #TIU31 action, here’s the link to sign up and grab your challenge starter pack. It’s free, and you don’t need to be a Nutrition Plan member to join! Plan members are going to be getting a special challenge guide with recipes and a full, detailed meal guide, though, so if that’s something that you want access to, definitely consider joining the team officially. (I tend to do my own thing when it comes to eating, so the meal-by-meal guide isn’t going to be hugely important, personally, but I’m still looking forward to peeping the plan for inspiration!) In the coming days, I’m going to be filling out my challenge starter pack, printing the workout calendar, and hitting the grocery store for Lean Clean & Green staples–basically checking off all of the things on this list and doing everything I can to start TIU31 off on the right foot.

I thought about waiting until my upcoming October Goals post to reveal my intentions of participating in this challenge, but I just. Couldn’t. Wait. I think that’s a really good sign, though! See, I’m posting about this now because I’m excited about it and wanted to share it with you, yeah, but I’m also posting to keep myself accountable. One of the major reasons I was so successful with my first Bikini Series was my dedicated TIU Instagram…I want to find a way to do that again! Posting check-ins on Twitter? Writing personal my-week-in-review posts? Making a mini TIU accountability team? I haven’t quite decided what it’s going to look like yet, but I want this challenge to be a more…public(?) one for me. Like I said, I need the accountability! I’d love love love if you joined me for OcTONEber. ♡

Have you participated in any Tone It Up challenges before? Are you going to be doing #TIU31?



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