1. As someone who has been acutely obsessed with RENT since, oh, 2006, this post demystifying all of the references in La Vie Boheme speaks to my soul.
  2. For my fit babes, Josie over at FrankieBeanHealthnut (a blog you should TOTALLY be reading if you aren’t already!) turned me on to a new workout appcheck out her post about it HERE.
  3. Loving this Buzzfeed guide to feeling good…even when everything else is pretty bad. Practical advice and tiny tips that make a big impact.
  4. Ever wonder how much it would cost to live like a healthy celebrity? Well + Good did the math, and the results are veeery interesting.
  5. Finally, a girl wrote a hilarious cookbook for her kitchen-averse brother, called “Recipes You Absolutely Can’t F Up” that’s now ion the Internet for us to laugh at (and, tbh, benefit from) forever.



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