My favorite Sunday series is back, on a MONDAY! (Monday’s are cool too, I guess.) It’s the ideal time for a fresh and fabulous start. Whether you’re trying, buying, or DOING, here are three ~*new*~ things to use to improve your day/week/life right now.

1. Wipe down your electronics.
Truth: your phone, tablet, and laptop screen can get kind of gross. Cosmetic value aside, these surfaces can also get extremely germy. Ew. Solution? WIPE THAT ISH DOWN.   Use a microfiber towel or cloth and a combination of distilled water and vinegar or isopropyl alcohol and get to work…Here are a few tips and tricks for proper cleansing–hint: typical all-purpose cleaner is probably not your friend in this scenario! The result is two fold: you’ll get a gleaming, clear screen and a less disgusting environment. Win win.

2.Get outside!
Even if it’s cold. Even if it’s humid. Even if you have to force yourself–and believe me, I DO have to force myself to do this sometimes. Aim to get out there and do something at least once a week, even if you don’t consider yourself an outdoorsy kind of person. Fresh air and sunlight are good for you! So, walk your dog, sit and read, talk on the phone, explore your surroundings, play Pokemon Go. Just get out there, even if it’s just for five minutes. The key to making this tip work for you is to be intentional and active, not passive. Make the choice to go outside and really pay attention to what you are doing and how you are feeling while outdoors. Doing this will change your perspective and snap you out of almost any funk!

3. Buy a pack of Wisps.
Wisps are life, guys. I have a pack in my travel bag, in my car, and carry a few in my purse just because/just in case. They are the ultimate solution for freshening up in a pinch. A Wisp, if you’re unfamiliar, is basically an itty-bitty makeshift toothbrush. Individual bristles are plastic, and the center contains a tiny blue mint-flavored bead that replaces traditional paste. The end of the brush has a pick, too, so all of your dental needs are pretty much covered. There’s even a whitening version available! While using a Wisp is admittedly much less discrete than, say, chewing a stick of gum or popping a mint, they freshen your breath like none other and are the best way to really achieve that clean mouth feeling without actually brushing your teeth. Try them!


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