Lingerie was pretty much my first love. I’ll explain. I go through phases of obsession with clothing–bikinis, yoga pants, dresses. The article that started it all, though, was the bra. I used to have a color-coordinated drawer filled to the brim with VS’ finest in pastel shades and animal prints. Now, while this was approximately 10 years ago, I still have a bit of a soft spot for all things lacy and frilly. Oh, and also, a killer, well-fitting bra? Totally changes your entire vine, posture, and look. In that spirit, I’ve put together a list of must-have pieces that each and every babe should aspire to own. Consider it the beginning of a well-stocked bra library.

1. A go-to push up.

Even though I am strictly about that bralette(/less) life these days, even I have a fabulous push-up bra reserved for special occasions and outfits. My pick of choice is a classic Victoria’s Secret “Dream Angels” number with memory foam. Padding, shaping, and a gentle-but-noticeable push-up effect, but there are options available from  Kylie Jenner’s add-two-cup-sizes Bombshell to push-ups with zero padding whatsoever. Options above!

2. A strapless number that actually stays up.

Finding a strapless bra that fits well, looks good, and doesn’t fall can seem like an impossible task–it’s not! Depending on your cup size, you can choose from a simple bandeau to expertly-constructed full-cup styles with underwire and boning…there are even legit push-up strapless bras these days.

3. A sports bra that’s cute and supportive.

Having been through the boob-size spectrum (seriously, this bod’s seen and been everything from an A to a D) I’ve become aware of how important a real sports bra is to the fit girl physique. Sure, you can double up with basic Champion bras in a pinch, but investing in a truly functional, supportive fitness bra has the potential to change your whole gym experience. If you have a large bust, look for structure–underwire, genuine clasps, adjustable straps. If you’re less endowed, you can likely get away with wire-free styles, thinner straps, and shaping. Regardless of your size, sports bras these days are super cute, so rejoice!

4. A comfy lounge bra.

…One girl’s lounge bra is another girl’s 24/7 bra! I LIVE in styles like this. Your go-to lounge bra style will largely depend on your personal preferences, but safe bets include soft cotton bralettes, minimal sports bras with fancy straps, and anything sans underwire. My favorite du jour is a lacy halter bra–Free People made the ideal lounge bra in their Galloon Halter Bralette, and Forever 21 was happy to create a low-cost dupe that packs the same punch in terms of both style and support. Additional cozy styles above.

5. A lacy bralette for peek-a-boo cameos.

Deep-v necks, sheer tanks, giant armholes, oversized sweaters…All of these pieces deserve a good bralette moment! Arguably the trendiest item on this list, the popularity of the ultra-feminine, lacy bralette means that retailers are offering the style in almost every size. Expect for lace, appliqué, mesh, and a rainbow of hues to show off. For Love And Lemons’ ‘Skivvies’ line absolutely kills the bralette game, but more wallet-friendly options abound at places like Urban Outfitters. Victoria’s Secret is even getting in on the bralette action! Boob jail no more, babes.



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