1. As a major sweet potato fan, I’m basically drooling over this recipe for sweet potato pizza crust from Pinch of Yum. My two loves combined!
  2. An interesting take with lots of valid points: why you shouldn’t strive to have a body like Teyana Taylor, from LinkedIn Pulse.
  3. Really into this Hello Giggles story about the I Am All Woman Project, which features a body-diverse, unretouched swimwear campaign.
  4. If you’re a latte lover, you’re probably going to want to read this Mashable post about the newest/strongest crazily-caffeinated take on coffee.
  5. Last but not least, according to this article from Elite Daily, mastering your goals could become way easier just by making a simple shift in the language you use when you talk about them. (Hint: you WANT to do things!)



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