I’ve always been the kind of girl who likes to have a lot of options. It’s just not smart to put all of your eggs in one basket, you know? This is a concept I apply in nearly every facet of my life, and it has, more often than not, served me quite well…not mad about it. One area I used to wish were a bit more pared down, though, is probably my more-extensive-than-necessary perfume collection. In fact, it’s more of a library. A wardrobe, if you will. I’m borderline obsessed with finding my “signature scent”, but every time I think I’ve found my perfect match, I either tire of it, or find something that I love even more. The silver lining to this, though, is that I have amassed a literal wardrobe of fragrances with an option for any and every occasion.  It’s actually pretty great. Want a peek into my perfume closet? Here are some of my favorite scents for five different occasions.

For date night: Intoxicating.


Vibe: Sexy, flirty, sultry, and yummy.

My go-to: Pacifica Island Vanilla + Lucy B’s Tiare Coconut.

I used to swear by Aquolina’s Pink Sugar for these purposes (it smells like cotton candy wrapped in caramel mixed with ice cream, and is actual man bait,) but I fear that I may have aged out of that particular perfume. This being said, I still tend to favor gourmand, sultry scents for date night. There’s something to be said for smelling vaguely yummy. My perfect date-night scent is actually a combination of two perfumes: Pacifica’s Island Vanilla, and Lucy B’s Tiare Coconut. Island Vanilla is a rich, warm Tahitian vanilla with notes of jasmine and fruit, while Tiare Coconut is an exotic spicy blend of tiare flower, coconut, amber, and vanilla. Put both on, and you’ll smell like a freshly-baked spice cake. A sexy one.

At bedtime: Soothing.


Vibe: Warm, clean, and cozy.

My go-to: Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse

I’ve written about my love for Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse before, but it’s worth mentioning again here since it’s basically the scent that lullabies my body to sleep every night. I’ll either add a few drops to a bath or slick the oil directly on my skin just before bed…it’s luxurious and soothing and perfect, and I wear it exclusively at night. Probably my favorite part of my bedtime ritual. You can find out all of the in-depth details on it in THIS post. I also like CLEAN, which smells like soap, as a fresher bedtime scent if I’m going for that vibe.

For brunch: Inspired.


Vibe: Classic, yet intriguing.

My go-to: Ralph Lauren Tender Romance.

Ralph Lauren Romance and sister fragrance, Tender Romance, are some of my favorite everyday-pretty fragrances. They’re classic and sophisticated while also being familiar. They’re relatable. Non-polarizing. Everyone has smelled the rose/violet/ginger/musk blend that is Ralph Lauren Romance. It’s iconic. What I appreciate about Tender Romance though, is that while the scent IS familiar, it’s also just unique and unexpected enough that it’s intriguing. It’s lighter and sweeter than its classic Romance counterpart, while being still adult enough to wear without am-I-too-old-for-this concerns.

For wintertime: Luxe.


Vibe: Comforting, grounding, familiar.

My go-to: Dolce & Gabbana The One

Winter in the Midwest calls for a strong fragrance. It’s a fact, basically. Embrace it! You can get away with scents that are heavier and more dramatic in the winter–sample something with serious staying power. I kind of love it when I put on my parka each year and catch a whiff of my winter perfume on its collar. Instant nostalgia. Some of my past winter go-tos have included Glow by J.Lo, Gilly Hicks’ La Perose, Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker, and Theirry Mugler ANGEL. The four perfumes couldn’t be more different in terms of scent, but they’re identifiable, and all share a certain heft and boldness that I love for winter months. D&G’s The One is a gorgeous mixture of traditional scents like jasmine and vanilla, coupled with things like plum, velvetier, and lychee. Though it sounds fruity, on me, it wears as a warm, rich, complex vanilla that lasts for hours on skin and months on clothing. Snow day, anyone?

On vacation: Vibrant.


Vibe: Bright, fresh, and light.

My go-to: Philosophy Falling In Love

On the opposite end of the fragrance spectrum, a (beach!) vacation is the ideal time to embrace a light, fun, effervescent scent. When I’m traveling, I typically opt for sunny, unobtrusive scents that pair well with sunscreen and/or tanning oil, which usually means choosing between fruity or floral. Nothing powdery, nothing TOO sweet, and nothing strong. In fact, I love a good body splash on vacation! Falling In Love from Philosophy is a lightweight, sparkling, romantic fragrance that’s a gorgeous blend of floral notes like jasmine, and blackberry. It’s sweet and fresh and subtle–never overpowering, and plays well with other fragrances, which is perfect since Philosophy also offers it in a body spray and 3-in-1 shampoo/bath/shower gel.

Are you a signature scent girl, or more of a fragrance flirt? I’d love to compare notes!



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