Welcome to the September edition of Loving Lately! Here are a few things I’m into ATM, from my favorite new Twitter account to an unexpected source for beauty and wellness products. If I’m currently loving it, it’s probably on this list.

Missguided Clothing


I’ve seen Missguided pop up in fashion blogs, on Hautelook, and on random clearance racks at Nordstrom Rack, but I’d never actually ordered anything from their site until last month. I waited so long to order because buying from an online retailer that I’ve never shopped from before always makes me at least a little nervous, and Missguided isn’t US-based, so I was a bit concerned about shipping and sizing. Thankfully, I didn’t need to be concerned with any of those things–my shopping experience with Missguided was flawless. The pieces are trendy and the prices are reasonable. The quality of the clothing I’ve gotten (two dresses and a pair of underwear) has been decent, too…I’d put it somewhere between Zara/Nasty Gal and Forever 21. Sizing is automatically converted for you on the US version of the site, there is a size chart available on each page, and I found my purchases to be pretty much true to size, leaning ever-so-slightly towards small. No need to worry about international postage rates, either! Shipping is free, and if you want to upgrade to express, it will only cost you $5 to do so. I’m in love.

Beauty + Wellness @ Urban Outfitters

If it’s been a minute since you’ve shopped at UO, you miiiight want to make an online trip to their store. The retailer recently amped up their beauty department in a major way, and added a new health and wellness section that is basically my dream come true. Holistic, indie, and small-batch beauty goods are to be expected, but the wellness department offers an entirely new set of  sprays, supplements, and powders geared towards customers who are curious about holistic health options. Heard of Hum Nutrition, Fountain, or Moon Juice? Urban has, and they’re all available in their wellness department. The section also includes items like herb garden kits, personal humidifiers, toothpaste, essential oils, tea, and even a smart jump rope that pairs with your phone. Urban Outfitters is clearly keenly aware of the current popularity of all things healthy living, and this department knocks it out of the park big time. There’s already a massive online selection with the option of in-store returns, and according to WWD, wellness selections will be rolling out in stores this season, so you should be able to cop many of the aforementioned products on your next trip to the mall.

“Are They Loyal” on Twitter (@aretheyloyals)


My hometown radio station does a bit called War Of The Roses, where they trick unsuspecting listeners into revealing that they’re cheating on their partners live on air, and the Are They Loyal Twitter account is basically the digital, millennial iteration of the same dupe. Followers DM the profile’s admin their partner’s phone number, and then the admin and their team text them pretending to be an attractive, eager, and extremely flirtatious member of the opposite sex. What happens next? Click over and see for yourself. At the end of their chat, Are They Loyal informs their participants that they aren’t actually flirty singles, but rather a Twitter vigilante, eager to expose cheaters. Oh, and that their significant other was behind the whole thing and that there’s no way they’ll ever be interested in them again. It’s really quite delightful. The account is mostly screenshots, so it’s like you’re reading through the juiciest text threads on someone else’s phone. It’s almost impossible to keep from getting sucked in, though–you’ve been warned!

Essie “Ladylike” Nail Polish


I picked this polish up as a ‘I’m-finally-done-with-moving’ gift for myself, because nothing signifies the end of moving chaos like a fresh, beautiful, will-not-be-chipped manicure. Though Essie categorizes Ladylike as a plum, to me, Ladylike is a gorgeous dusty, dusky pink shade. It’s feminine and sophisticated and perfectly opaque–the ideal transitional, it’s-fall-but-not color. I’m a fan of white or pastel hues for warmer months, but tend to gravitate towards nude, greige, and deep navy as the weather gets cooler, so this is a great in-between polish for me. It’s a really relaxed shade–not too bright, not too pink, not too bold. Universally flattering, won’t clash with anything.  Effortless and pretty. Essie can do no wrong.

What are you loving lately?



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