September Goals

I’m going to be completely upfront with you guys…My August was a complete wreck. Between getting some unexpected news and prepping for another move, the month was spent basically just trying to keep my life together. Truthfully, I’m a bit wary about not just sharing, but even setting goals for September, as the month is already off to a bit of a rocky start. (Did you know it’s Mercury Retrograde?! Because I most definitely DO.) That being said, I’ve come up with a few action items that don’t seem TOO daunting to tackle over the next few weeks. Read on for a look back at last month’s goals and peep my list new for September!

August Goal Check-In

Goodbye August

1. Finish two books.

Check! Finished American Pain, Radical Self Love, and Misty Copeland’s bio.

2. Recommit to five-minute journaling.


3. Complete a 31-day #runstreak.

I cried every day for the first 11 days of August–does that count?! Really though, no. Fitness took a major backseat to actual life issues. So yeah, no.

4. Put together an awesome self-love + lifestyle challenge for September.

Nope. But it will happen…one day. Probably.

5. Pursue positive thinking.

Sorta?! August was tough, and even though I had a lot on my plate, I somehow managed to get through it without feeling completely overwhelmed or having an anxiety attack, so I’m going to consider that a win. I really tried to be more optimistic, eager, and open to newness, which I think helped me stay grounded amidst massive change. It wasn’t perfect by any means, but it also could have been a lot worse.

6. Treat myself to at least one away-from-home pampering session.

Totally did not happen. Wasn’t really in a “treat yourself” state of mind, TBH.

September Goals


1. Get settled in to our new place.

This might sound like a cute and simple little goal, but I promise you that it’s not. The backstory: we had planned to rent a specific apartment in the city that we loved, but when move-in day came last week, the complex was basically in shambles. They had switched property management companies TWO days before we were scheduled to move in, the people we’d been working with were let go, and the new employees hired to man the front office and leading department were either contract employees or temps from a staffing agency. Not ideal. Especially since they didn’t know how to do things–process a payment, set up move-in, basic stuff like that. To make matters worse, when we were finally brought  to our would-be apartment (which we had to ask to see?) it looked as if it hadn’t been properly prepared for move-in. Paint and cabinets were messed up, the stove was cleaned with something corrosive, prior tenant’s decorative curtains hadn’t been taken down…All of these things would have been minor issues, but then to top it all off, our second-floor balcony (which was a major reason we loved the apartment/floor plan we chose!) was completely warped and actually dangerous to stand on. Oh, and we also realized that we’d been sent photos of a different unit–with a different view, slight  different layout, and different patios–than the one that the (new) leasing coordinator told us was ours. #baitandswitch. This also all happened on the Friday before Labor Day, so people were not down to actually work. Headache x 1million. Thankfully, we somehow found a new place at the last-possible-minute and should be moving in there on Thursday or Friday. After that’s taken care of, I “get” to start getting settled and decorating/buying some new goodies the new space. I’m not even excited about it, though. I just want it to be done and for things to be normal and comfortable and dull.

2. Really pay attention to my hunger signals and focus on eating ONLY when truly hungry.

I’ve been eating out of boredom and out of comfort for all of August and most of September, and I’d really like to stop! Being emotional has really put a damper on my hunger signals, but instead of just not eating, I just never stop eating! I wish I were kidding. We’ve been staying with my parents during the transition, and their eating schedule and portions are way different from mine. I feel like I’m always eating at this point. I would really like for that to stop! Unfortunately, I don’t think this is something that will fully happen until I’m back in my own space.

3. Blog 3x each week.

I’d been doing so well with posting 3/4 times each week up until ~July! August was awful. I want September to be better. Three posts a week should be doable.

4. Choose or design a new workout plan to follow. (And start it, duh!)

Is it any surprise that I’ve been off my workout game for the last five weeks!? Ugh. I’m really craving structure right now, so choosing/designing a fitness plan to follow seems like the ideal way to get back to an exercise schedule that feels good, and to give myself that built-in structure I need. Tone It Up is going to be doing some kind of fall challenge, and the BBG has recently reappeared on my radar–both are viable options. Then again, I might just piece together my own plan of running/barre/HIIT routines and write it all out so that it’s *~official~*. We’ll see!

What are your goals for this month?



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