It’s an evening edition of 5TTRTW today, because MOVING. Better late than never, right?! Here are this week’s links!

  1. Teen Vogue did a feature about a new app that’s “like Spotify for Instagram,” in that it helps you to discover new content, people to follow, and view and experience IG in a totally different way. I’m into it.
  2. If you’re curious about taking supplements, this story from ELLE is a must–expert reviews, advice, and brand-specific supplement suggestions. Comprehensive and awesome.
  3. Refinery29 has an epic tutorial-filled post all about crafting DIY chokers from household itemsdefinitely changed the way I think about old underwear and shoelaces, TBH!
  4. I found this post on happiness, habits, and weight loss from Linda over at The Fitty late last week and really enjoyed it. Pinned, bookmarked, still open on a browser window. Check it out for truly helpful advice on improving your life.
  5. Jac Vanek, co-host one of my favorite podcasts, The LadyGang, shared her travel essentials for an Insta-worthy vacation and I am in LOVE. Want everything on this list!

**Bonus link! I mentioned AchieveMint–the app/service that pretty much pays you to work out–on Twitter awhile back, and I was recently taken off of their waiting list. I’m obsessed! I’m still racking up points towards my first $25 check, but if you sign up using my link, we’ll BOTH get an additional 250 points to our total.  Check it out HERE.



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