1. According to Shape, flash tats might soon be able to take the place of your fitness tracker. SO COOL.
  2. From Actively Balanced, should you be keeping a food journal if you’re trying to lose weight? Iiinteresting!
  3. Next up, find out exactly what your gym-outfit-of-choice says about who you are as a person in this oldie-but-goodie from Man Repeller.
  4. One last fitness-focused piece: this lazy-girl-health-hacks post from Domaine profiles new ways to shape up that don’t involve going to the gym.
  5. Last but not least, Refinery29 published an editorial on the power of changing up your hair part–complete with before and after photos!–that highlight just how important seemingly-tiny details can be to changing your overall aesthetic.



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  1. Hi! It’s Ali from Actively Balanced. Thank you so much for linking to my article. I have just had my domain redirected and I wondered whether you could link through to the new URL. Just so you know I used the short URL page to shorten it down for you so you don’t have you use the full one: goo.gl/jTZHKN – but you can always go to my full website http://www.activelybalanced.com/blog to find the article there too. So sorry for the confusion! A x

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