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This summer seems to have been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for many of us. It sucks (duh), but I find some comfort in knowing that it’s actually a widely shared experience at the moment–from bloggers I read to, ladies I follow on Instagram, to friends and family members alike, the past few months have been an absolute whirlwind–something is off all around. While I don’t have specific tips on busting out of a personal or emotional rut, I do know that movement and getting in touch with your body can provide a temporary respite to craziness, and can leave you with long-lasting feelings of confidence and sanity. I also know, though, that when things are feeling out of control–or even just not ideal, finding the motivation to move your bod can be a serious task. One thing I do have tips on is how to deal with THAT: finding ways to stay motivated with your fitness routine and healthy lifestyle. If you’re feeling like you’re off track, in a rut, or are generally uninspired with your workouts, this is for you. Here are a few ways to stay motivated, and to reignite your passion for working out. 

  • Shake things up.

Personally, I can get off track with healthy living if I’m feeling stagnant. Even if you LOVE doing a particular form of exercise, like running or yoga, if you’re exclusive (or worse, obsessive) in your habits, things can become monotonous and old. Sometimes a girl just gets bored! By now, everyone is aware of the physical benefits that come from mixing up your exercise routine (hello, muscle confusion!) but change can also be massively beneficial for your mindset. My advice? Find something you’re really excited to try and DO IT. In my experience, you have to invest in this thing, and you have to really want it. It needs to be exciting. When I’m busting a rut, I might do a cleanse, sign up for an interesting class package, or try a new-and-trendy exercise program. Fresh starts and new beginnings are fun and exciting, so a surge of new motivation is basically guaranteed. Use that momentum to stay inspired and on track.

  • Make it interactive.

Not only does buddying up make getting healthy a more enjoyable experience, but making your fitness routine interactive works because it offers built-in accountability. Feel free to embrace a more relationship-centric approach to exercise physically or digitally depending on your preferences–the results and benefits are pretty much equal. In person, for example, you could go to classes with friends, join an office “Biggest Loser” competition, or schedule gym dates with your significant other (this is my favorite–even if you don’t stick together at the gym, you’re both still THERE at the same time, and you have a built-in commitment to that person to go!) Online, you can join virtual communities, post your progress on Instagram, snapchat from the gym, team up with another girl to be accountability partners, or start or join Fitbit challenges. It’s all about staying involved.

  • Set new goals.

When you first start working out or trying to lose weight, it’s easy to stay motivated because you’re noticeably improving. You’re dropping pounds, getting stronger, and tackling your work outs like you never have before, and in the beginning, that kind of stuff happens QUICKLY. It’s really no surprise, then, that when you begin to adapt, and meet the goals you initially set as health and fitness becomes more of a lifestyle and less of a part-time pursuit, you’ll likely need to find new things to be motivated by. So, set new goals. It’s really as simple as that! Choose a new challenge to take on. Focus on a different metric. Try a run streak. Challenge yourself to 20 classes in 30 days. Aim to lift heavier. Try to master a difficult yoga pose. Set new goals and smash them in the face.

  • Trick yourself.

When all else fails, exploit your own weaknesses: TRICK YOURSELF. If you take away your option not to work out, you’ll be forced to commit to fitness! Some people, for example, swear by working out so early in the morning that they’re basically going on autopilot and can’t talk themselves out of going to the gym. Sleep in your workout clothes, and tell yourself that you’ll only work out for five minutes. If you’re motivated by money, sign up for a boutique fitness class that comes with a pricy cancellation fee. Find your pain points and work them. You can find inspiration HERE! Tricking yourself admittedly (probably) isn’t a viable long-term option, but if you’re able to get your booty to the gym and shift your routine to create a new habits from this kind of trickery, it’s all worth it in the end.

Do you have any tips or tricks for staying inspired and motivated?



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