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So…The Internet is pretty cool. Here are a few of my favorite online & mobile finds of the moment.

Plant Nanny

Plant Nanny

I’m one of those people who doesn’t love drinking water. I do it because hydration is important and water is *~good for you~* but I don’t enjoy it, and I can definitely slack on hitting my RDI. Thankfully, there’s Plant Nanny – an app which I am totally and completely obsessed with. Not only does the app calculate the amount of water your body needs based on your weight, but it actually makes hitting that target fun, because it assigns you a little digital Tamogatchi-esque plant that stays happy only if it is properly hydrated. You don’t want to make plant you sad, do you?! Of course not. Happy, cute, hydrated, healthy.

Shine Texts


If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen a few tweets this week professing my love for Shine, an automated text message service that sends daily motivational messages. Recent subject matter has included relinquishing the need for total control, celebrating life RIGHT NOW, and practicing gratitude. It’s powerful, transformative stuff packed into bite-sized AM texts. I love starting my morning with positivity and inspiration (which is exactly what Shine serves up!) plus action steps, related curated content, and GIFs. Plus, how cute is that name?! Check it out here, and Shine away

The Way We Met

The Way We Met

I discovered The Way We Met, holy grail of relationship cuteness, as you do: via Facebook. (One of my Facebook friends liked a post from the page, and it showed up in my feed.) Basically, it’s a collection of photos of adorable couples teamed with stories of how they met. It’s simple, but weirdly engrossing–made especially so considering that I know exactly none of the people featured–and the stories just make me feel GOOD. TWWM runs a Facebook page, website, and an Instagram account…all of which are filled to the brim with lovey vibes, and it’s great. I love love.



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