1. Even thought I’ve been married for four years, I never get tired of looking at gorgeous engagement rings! This feature on trendy, stylish, and fashionable rings from Fashionista is great whether you’re searching for inspiration, or just want to be entertained.
  2. Refinery29 writer Samantha spent a week styling her hair and doing her makeup like the every girl of our generation, Lizzie McGuire. Bless.
  3. You guys know I’m obsessed with learning about people’s daily rituals and “I tried it” stories, so I was basically in heaven with this Business Insider piece where a writer experimented with Arianna Huffington’s nighttime routine.
  4. So this is cool: BuzzFeed posted about a new service that will allow you to send off your favorite Instagram photos and transform them…into coloring pages.
  5. Last but not least: flower crowns, princess crowns, and now mermaid crowns, whatever–I’m here for ALL of it. Don’t miss the pretty over at Shape!



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