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Some girls love wearing makeup to the gym and others hate it. Personally, while I wont go full-glam before a workout, I DO like to look cute and presentable. You know–look good, feel good, feel good play good, play good pay good?…Something like that. Take a peek inside my makeup bag with this post and peep my beauty essentials! Because what’s in my gym bag > what’s in my purse.



As I mentioned above, I tend to keep my “gym face” basic and natural. I really only use three items. I’ll dot on a bit of concealer if I’m looking especially gnarly or for a particularly egregious blemish, but otherwise I opt for simplicity. My go-to products are as follows:

  • Eyebrow pencil. 2016 is fully the year of the brow, and I’m not mad about it. Though I embraced the trend just recently, it’s kind of crazy how polished and put together a well-filled brow is. It makes you look put together. It frames your face. It opens your eyes. For gym beauty, I specifically look for a crayon or pencil product as opposed to a gel or wax so I don’t have to worry about sweat-induced smearing or streaking. Great options HERE and HERE.
  • Cheek/lip stain. While your exercise-of-choice is sure to produce flushed cheeks, I like to add a little artificial rosiness with a cheek stain beforehand. Blush makes a look fresh and healthy–it’s always a guaranteed pop of pretty, even if you aren’t wearing much else. The staying power of a cheek stain is ideal for the gym, too. Bonus: Most products “stain” products do double duty, even if they aren’t labeled as such, so your lip or cheek product is a total two-for-one! I like Benefit’s ‘Benetint‘, Fat and the Moon’s lip and cheek stain, and Tarte’s classic cheek stain stick.
  • Eyelash serum. I wrote about this Rimmel eyelash/brow serum in one of my Loving Lately posts, and it has become a total everyday staple for me. The formula is totally clear, and in addition to its length-enhancing powers, it makes your lashes look glossy and full and tames unruly brows and keeps them in place. It’s kind of a no-brainer for the gym. No more resorting to water-proof workout mascara for me!


While my pre-gym routine takes care of all of the priming, there are still two beauty items I can’t live without during my actual workout.

  • Hair ties. If I’m doing yoga or Pilates or barre, I can get away with wearing my hair down, but crank up the intensity of a workout even a little bit and I NEED a hair tie. I swear by ribbon ties for minimal damage and a nice hold.
  • Chapstick. I actually keep a Lip Smacker or tube of Burt’s Bees on me whenever I work out because I hate hate HATE the feeling of an unmoisturized lip. Like, I have an almost-compulsive need to slick on a coat or two of lip balm between machines. It’s weird, I know.


Once you’ve addressed the whole sweaty mess situation, your post-workout glow can actually translate to a look that’s actually pretty gorgeous! I like to fully cool down before I put any real effort into makeup, so I go for a minimalist approach to after-gym beauty. The focus? Cleaning up, touching up, and subtle enhancement. These are my musts.

  • Sweet Spot wipes. Sweet Spot’s on-the-go wipes are ideal for a quick post-workout touch up. They’re a little pricy, but their stellar formulation and fragrance range (hello, vanilla blossom and neroli mandarin?!) make up for it. They’re also cruelty-free, pH balanced, and antioxidant infused–definitely not your standard wipe. A must to freshen up!
  • Rose water spray. Rose water spray is an everyday beauty fave of mine, but it’s an absolute essential for my gym bag. Not only does it smell lovely and is crazy refreshing, but rose water also offers some major skin-enhancing benefits to boot.  It’s hydrating, cools and tones, smooths, moisturizes, and works to dispel any kind of post-workout redness or puffiness you might be dealing with. I love that it’s a simple, cost-effective, all-natural beauty aid. Want a little something extra? Try Olivine’s luxe ‘Love and Roses‘ spray, which combines rose flower oil with oat protein and moringa seed extract. Swear by it!
  • Aveda Nourish-Mint lip shine. I’m obsessed with Aveda’s Nourish-Mint lip gloss, especially for post-workout enhancement! It’s shiny without being sticky, offers a gorgeous wash of color, and it smells and tastes like mint. It’s cooling and refreshing, but the added hint of color punches up your look. Pop on a pair of sunglasses and you’re good to go.

Do you have any gym-approved beauty staples?



2 comments on “Gym Bag Beauty Essentials”

  1. So you swear those hair ribbons work eh? Even for thick unruly hair haha ?

    I always have to bring a good headband #thickhairproblems

    • They really really do! Sometimes you have to double up if you’re doing something especially intense/bouncy, and I’ve gotten a pack that was weirdly loose before, but other than that, they WORK. 😉

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