Squeezing in this edition of this tiny-life-improvement series in the final hours of #SelfCareSunday. I had the most indulgent, low-key Saturday ever yesterday, and am (finally) feeling like myself again. I haven’t blogged or even talked much about it, but I’ve been dealing with some pretty intense emotional overwhelm and anxiety over the last four to six weeks, and yesterday I woke up feeling especially terrible. I knew I needed to STOP and let myself rest…or else. I gave in to my desire to slow things WAY down: I stayed in bed for as long as felt good, turned my phone on ‘do not disturb’, made a serious dent in the Audible book I’m currently streaming, ate intuitively and treated myself to chocolate cake, and rounded things out with a candlelit bath. Truth be told, I felt a bit guilty about being “lazy” and “wasting” a perfectly beautiful summer day, but  needed to be still and truly look after myself yesterday. No expectations, obligations, or regrets. I needed to press some kind of reset button. I’m so glad I did. ANYWAY! In the spirit of self care, here are a few more quick, simple things you can do to make your life just a lil better this week.

 1. Rearrange your phone’s home screen.

Home Screen

We’ve talked about “do not disturb”, disabling notifications, and deleting apps you don’t use, but have you ever thought about the actual placement of your apps on your screen? Oddly enough, it actually makes a big difference. Instead of using default settings or placing your most-frequently-used apps on your home screen, try rearranging things so that the apps you WANT to use every day will be front and center. Since you see these apps first thing, without having to scroll to screen two or three, you’ll find yourself using them more…just because they’re there. The reverse is also true. Trying to minimize your time spent on social media or playing a game? Move those apps off of your home screen! Out of sight, out of mind.

2. Buy a new towel.

Round Beach Towel

A towel? A TOWEL? Yes, guys–go buy yourself a new towel. Think about it: you use this item literally every day, so an upgrade is completely reasonable and pretty much the definition of “tiny life improvement”. Treat yourself to something a little luxurious.  A bath sheet, perhaps? Maybe something extra fluffy? You’ll probably be able to score a great deal, too, thanks to August’s many back-to-school sales. Personally, I’ve been pining over those ’roundie’ towels for two summers, and though I was admittedly not a fan of the price tag, when I calculated the price per use and how infrequently I buy a new beach towel, it became a lot more reasonable. New towels for everyone!

3. Consult this self-care assessment worksheet.

Tumblr Self-Care Assesment

This worksheet showed up on my Tumblr dash awhile ago, and not only did I reblog it, but I pinned it, saved a copy for myself, edited it into one image, and am now posting it here. It’s that good. Click for full size. Not only does this resource provide an awesome assessment for your state of mental wellbeing, it also offers a ton of ideas for ways to care for yourself. Check it out!



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