August Goals VC

Beginnings are the best. I find that the beginning of a new month, for example is the ideal time to check in, consider your dreams and desires, and (most importantly!) make a plan. It provides a sense of purpose, direction, and sets you up for success. It’s a great way to kick off your month. Personally, I don’t always set monthly goals, but whenever I do, I get really excited about them. There’s just something about having a plan and holding yourself accountable, you know? Add in the sharing of those goals on a public blog and you’ve basically reached perfection. (I’m also trying to psych myself up to make August my best month yet instead of seeing it as the last month of summer, so there’s that.) Here are a few goals I’ll be attempting to tackle in 8/16.

1. Finish two books.

If you read my One Perfect Week series, you’ll remember that while I love reading, I usually tend to get sucked into consuming all of my information from various screens. I’m almost always reading, but I don’t do nearly enough actual page turning unless I’m on a plane/at the airport/on a beach. Considering that I have a literal stack of books on my bedside table that I need to make a dent in, not to mention a fresh Audible download waiting for me in the cloud, this is kind of an issue! In August, I want to make an effort not just to read more, or to block out a specific amount of time I should be reading each day, but to actually FINISH two books.

2. Recommit to five-minute journaling.

Gratitude journaling is such a beneficial practice, but it’s not something that comes naturally to me. Yet. For August, I’m going to keep things really simple and commit to doing daily five-minute journaling sessions. At the end of every night, I’m going to be writing down a few good things about my day. Super simple. I will make this a habit!

3. Complete a 31-day #runstreak.

I found out about the #runstreak concept from one of my favorite social media follows, @lilybeaches83, who is teaming her run streak goals with TIU booty calls for seven straight days. I popped the run streak tag into Insta and Tumblr, though, and found a community of runners who have been racking up their daily miles for months…I saw a Tumblr user who was on day 240 of her streak! Talk about dedication. Since it’s always easy for me to talk myself out of summer workouts, completing a 31-day run streak of my own will basically force me into staying on track for the month of August. I like this goal because even though it means I’ll need to run every day of the month, every day I get to wake up and decide exactly how I’m going to execute that feat. I don’t have to do a daily 5k. There’s no fear of missing a 100-by-whatever marker. I don’t need to stay on the treadmill for an hour each day. It’s challenging, but still flexible. Perfect.

4. Put together an awesome self-love + lifestyle challenge for September.

I’ve wanted to run some sort of blog or social media challenge for awhile now, and August is the month that I’m going to be taking action. My friend Nikki and I are going to be working together to create a new series to share that will focus on all things self-love and inspiration. It’s going to be the ultimate holistic wellness experience to kick off fall. Expect Instagram posts, special prompts, and blog updates…There may even be prizes for participants! 😉 I want to get all of the planning for this taken care of in the next four weeks.

5. Pursue positive thinking.

One of my favorite lessons from the Girlspo+ Guide was the one that focused on combatting A.N.T.s, or “automatic negative thoughts”. To do this, you really need to be mindful and intentional with your thinking, and tell your brain to choose positive thoughts over negative ones. The impact this change has on your mood and your general life experience is massive! I really want to shift my thinking and turn my automatic negative thoughts into positive thoughts…or at least neutral ones! In August, I’m going to focus on thinking nice thoughts, reframing anxiety as excitement, and being kind to myself.

6. Treat myself to at least one away-from-home pampering session. 

Sound weird? It totally is! Believe it or not, though, even though I LOVE spa/salon/massage sessions, it is SO difficult for me to commit to spending money on said services and taking time out to actually go. I’ve realized, though, that these pursuits are EXPERIENCES, and experiences are better than things. Plus, it feels good to allow someone to dote on you, take care of you, and give you permission to relax and feel fabulous. It’s restorative, and I want more of that in my life.

Do you have any new goals for August?



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