1. If you follow Jordan @healthybunhead on IG, you know what a complete ray of sunshine she is, so it’s no surprise that her blog is an extension of her wonderfulness. Her recent post–one on conquering the blahs, staying resilient, and creating your own reality–is one of my favorite things she’s ever shared.
  2. Gotta hand it to Cosmothis “hot dads at Disney” Instagram they’ve discovered and covered is ????
  3. If you’ve ever dealt with bloating, you’re going to want to check out this feature from The Fashion Spot that outlines all of the foods you should (and shouldn’t!) be eating to combat it.
  4. ICYMI, Kim Kardashian basically dragged Taylor Swift on social media last week, effectively exposing her as a liar. ELLE rounded up 37 of the best responses to that whole internet controversy, and they’re hilarious.
  5. And to round things out, Women’s Health presents five ways to torch MAXIMUM calories…while playing Pokémon GO.



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