Loving Lately July

Loving Lately is back for July! Here are four things I’m doing, using, reading, and all-around loving RN.

♡ NYX Brow Contour

NYX  Brow Contour ULTA

I’m lucky to have pretty decent brows–ones that are reasonably thick and don’t require much maintenance–so I hadn’t paid too much attention to all of the attention that they have attracted beauty sphere over the last couple of seasons. I’m far from immune to beauty trends, though, so when I spotted NYX’s dual-ended “Brow Contour” pencil in a sale bin at Target, I figured I’d take a chance and test the waters. Better late than never, right?! This product is SO good. It’s basically just like it sounds: one end is a pigmented crayon meant for filling brows in, and the other is a sparkly, shimmery stick highlighter that can be used to perk things up. It comes in a variety of shades from black to blonde, with a coordinating highlighter matched accordingly, so there’s a hue that will flatter any skin/hair combination. A polished brow really upgrades your whole look, and at under $10, Brow Contour is a low-risk investment. I team this with my Rimmel lash serum–which simultaneously encourages growth and slicks everything in place–for total brow perfection! Shop: NYX Brow Contour @ Ulta.

♡ Temple Turmeric Turmeric Shots

Turmeric Shots

I tried one of these “shots” during my Wild Rose cleanse and was…intrigued. I mean, they’re tasty, but also kind of odd. Potent. They’re kind of disturbing, but also somehow also delectable. Turmeric, as I’ve discussed before, has a ton of body and beauty benefits, so getting a little extra in your daily diet isn’t ever a bad idea. Just…prepare yourself before you try an actual turmeric shot. They aren’t unpalatable by any means, but they definitely taste like something you shouldn’t be DRINKING. I feel like any of the Temple Turmeric shots would make killer marinades for chicken or greens–they’re savory, flavorful, and interesting–but they’re wholly unfamiliar in terms of beverages. I clearly can’t explain or adequately articulate the flavor, so you’re going to have to grab a shooter of your own next time you’re at Whole Foods if you’re curious (and you should be)! Shop: Temple Turmeric @ Amazon.

♡ Aveda ‘Shampure’ dry shampoo


By now, we all know that dry shampoo is basically a must, but finding one that works, doesn’t wear off, and smells incredible is a tall order. Enter: Aveda’s ‘Shampure’ dry shampoo. Aside from the signature Aveda fragrance (which is obviously a major plus!) Shampure stands out because of the untraditional bottle and the way the product is applied. Instead of being sprinkled on like a powder or sprayed on from a can, this dry shampoo comes in a special bottle that requires you to shake, squeeze, and spray upside-down to apply. From there, things get a little more hands-on as the product works best when evenly distributed by hand and then combed through, but the result is a finish that’s actually perfect. It’s not powdery, the oil is absorbed, and your style is refreshed, even if you have curly hair. Shop: Shampure @ Nordstrom.

♡ SMOKE by Meili Cady

Smoke Book

I first heard of Meili Cady after reading an excerpt of her book in a magazine a couple of years ago. Then, her story was featured on MTV’s “One Bad Choice”. This summer, I FINALLY picked up her book, Smoke, and I’m so angry with myself for waiting so long to get it! If you’re into memoirs and you loved The Bling Ring, Smoke will be right up your alley. The book follows Meili’s journey through being an aspiring actress in L.A. to reluctantly befriending a bad-girl heiress (who would later be named “the pot princess of Beverly Hills”,) and eventually, finding herself a key player in a (busted) drug ring…One that was responsible for smuggling a LOT of weed, and used private planes to do so. There’s glamour, action, drugs, a whole lot of designer labels, and major 20-something realness. The whole story is crazy enthralling…I’m loving every twist and turn. Let me know if you’d like a post on summer reads! Shop: SMOKE @ Amazon.

What are you loving right now?



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