Detox Diaries 2pt o Part 3

Here are my final thoughts on my second round of the Wild Rose D-Tox, a 12-day cleanse focused on ultra-clean eating and a team of herbal supplements. To see the other posts in this series, click HERE

Nothing lasts forever…sometimes things don’t even last for 12 days! I debated even posting this one-day recap, but I figured that it could still be a worthwhile read for those of you interested in the real-deal info on what went on last week. Here’s what went down.

Day 9: 7/19/16

So, it’s weird…my experience on the detox this time around feels far less extreme than the first time I did it. In fact, I really don’t feel much differently one way or the other as far as my body is concerned. There are so many variables that could have influenced this experience, though…the state of my body and weight before beginning this round of the cleanse (better), my diet directly before starting (worse), the timing of my cycle (just different), there are a lot of things that could have impacted the outcome. It’s just not as drastic as my first cleanse was, both in terms of the experience and the results. I still have three full days to go, of course, but that’s where I am in life as of day nine. That being said? I’m done. I’m so done! I’m sorry–I really wanted to be “perfect” and write a master post on how to succeed on a cleanse come what may, while on a road trip, on vacation…Can’t. Not right now, anyway. Over the next three days, I’m planning to stop taking my D-tox supplements and to simply eat mindfully. No cupcake and pasta binges, but I’m gladly returning to traditional salad dressing, dried fruit, and a little cheese here and there. Dessert doesn’t need to be an every-single-night thing. I plan on reintroducing and keeping things like Lara bars and bites, dried fruit, and chocolate in my life, but I’m also fine with cutting back on unhealthy sources of straight-up sugar.

Today, for example, I had a completely cleanse-friendly breakfast of oatmeal and fruit, snacked on nuts, had a salad with (normal) dressing and a few crumbles of blue cheese for lunch, and cleanse-friendly chicken fried rice for dinner. It works, and I feel fine. All things considered, even though I didn’t stick it out completely, I feel really good about this experience and I met my goals. I’m no longer obsessed with thoughts of sugar, my digestion is perfection, and I feel like I’ve wiped the slate clean for my body. I’m in a great place! I think that part of being truly healthy and balanced–vs, oh, neurotic and restrictive–is letting go any enjoying life and eating normally while I’m away from home.

So that’s that! I considered sharing my at-home food journals for what would have been days 10-12, but ultimately decided against it. I’m planning to snap back into detox mode and to take the rest of my supplements when I get back to my normal surroundings, so all isn’t lost. I still fully recommend this cleanse if you’re looking to kick-start a healthy diet, change things up, or get back on track, though, and I experienced awesome results in a little over a week.



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