WIld Rose Detox Recap

Here’s the recap of days five through eight of my second round of the Wild Rose D-Tox, a 12-day cleanse focused on ultra-clean eating and a team of herbal supplements. To see the other posts in this series, click HERE

Day 5: 7/15/16

I woke up down another pound! Though I got good sleep, I didn’t get enough of it. I woke up because SOMEONE’S alarm went off at the literal break of dawn and my body and brain were like lol, nope, you’re awake now. I felt tired for at least the first three hours of my day. I didn’t eat dinner until later last night, and I think that letting myself get hungry was a definite mistake. One of the perks of the Wild Rose diet is that I can eat virtually whenever I want, and I don’t have to limit myself in terms of portion size. When I wait until I’m HUNGRY to grab food, not only do I tend to over-eat, but I feel like it makes a serious dent in my motivation. I had so many cravings for non-plan food, and I could FEEL myself talking myself into cheating. What’s one cookie here or there?! I actually literally bought a cookie, too, but decided not to eat it at the last minute. Thanks, willpower? To celebrate staying on track, I hit up Target and ended up buying myself a gorgeous Tori Praver bikini. Things like this have to be done if you want to stay sane–since you can’t exactly “treat yourself” with food while also adhering to the cleanse protocol, you have to find other outlets for gratification. I feel fine, physically. Better than usual, even–my skin is clear, I’m no longer bloated, and I feel healthy and restored. Mentally, though, I’m having with a lot of cravings and temptation, which wasn’t something I dealt with at all the first time I did this cleanse. Whether it’s from the lack of sleep or my depleted levels of willpower and motivation, I’m not quite sure. Kinda sucks though! For dinner, I had one of my stand-by meals from the first time I did this detox, a Wild Rose-friendly version of chicken fried rice. To modify, I used liquid aminos instead of soy sauce, brown rice instead of rice, skipped Sriracha, and added red chili flakes, egg, and sweet potato. It was SO good. This also happens to be one of those dishes that is almost better once reheated, so it lends itself well to batch cooking. I might make more this weekend so I can bring some pre-prepared meals with me on my road trip next week. I also had a lot of fruit today. Technically, fruit is only supposed to comprise around 20% of your daily diet while on the cleanse…I’d say I was up closer to the 50% range! Worth it, though–that unsweetened applesauce is the ONLY thing that makes me (momentarily) forget about actual desert. Mood for the day: over it.

Wild Rose Detox Shopping List

Day 6: 7/16/16

Day six was Saturday, and I had plans to be out of the house for as long as possible. Seriously though–this day was to include a trip to the beach, exploring the city, and seeing a 4pm movie. Typically after one such day, dinner in the city would be a no-brainer. This day, though, I was on a cleanse. Efffffff. I knew I’d need to grab some essentials at Whole Foods before we left so I could snack in the wild, and I was even ok with being a weirdo eating fruit salad instead of popcorn and candy in a movie theater, but  finding cleanse-approved dinner? Yikes! Wild Rose doesn’t seem too strict if you only consider the basic no-flour-sugar-or-dairy guidelines, but when you factor in your inability to consume not only those foods, but also things like vinegar, any kind of sweetener (from stevia and agave to maple syrup and honey!), and specific fruits and nuts, dinner prospects become pretty bleak. Guys…if you don’t make it yourself, almost everything you buy has sugar in it. Even weird stuff like lunch meat. And jerky. And bacon. You can’t even have a restaurant salad while on the plan, because the dressing will have sugar, vinegar, or both! Same goes for sushi–that rice? Also has rice vinegar. Nothing pickled is allowed, either. You can maybe have a few sad pieces of sashimi, but that’s basically it. So yeah, I knew this day would be challenging before it even started. I lucked out big in actuality though, because we stopped at the Lincoln Park Whole Foods. It is just…beyond. I was able to get a full meal from their hot bar (where all of the ingredients are listed out!) including items that were actually cooked and not fruit. Bliss. Side note: I actually started my day by seeing THIS article about Magnolia’s new celebratory cake and sprinkles milkshake and cried a little inside. I experienced some cleanse-related symptoms today, including cramps (no biggie) and felt fuller than usual today. Nothing too uncomfortable or weird though. Also new: I had a “cheat”–pan fried plantains from Whole Foods. They only contained plantains and cooking oil, but since plantains are in the banana family and bananas are banned on the detox, I’m pretty sure that these were not allowed either. I’m OBSESSED with plantains though, so whenever I see them in the wild, I make it a point to eat them. I feel like as far as cleanse transgressions go, this one is pretty mild. While at Whole Foods, I also tried a turmeric shot–the Temple Turmeric ‘Pure Prana’ shot to be exact–and loveeed it. Totally cleanse-friendly, too. All things considered, today was probably the easiest day of the cleanse yet, even though I thought it’d be the most difficult! Very grateful that that was the case after day five!

Day 7: 7/17/16

I woke up this morning feeling not so great. I had a difficult time falling asleep, and thanks to two howling dogs, an even more difficult time STAYING asleep. To top things off, when I actually woke up, it was to the sound of a thunderstorm! None of that is cleanse related, but it made for a wonky, sleepy Sunday. Detox-style eating had become basically second-nature at this point, so my cravings were basically non-existent and my thoughts weren’t constantly turning to food. It was like my body had gone ‘k, so this is our life now? Cool. Got it.’ and adjusted accordingly. I didn’t feel like working out, though, so I didn’t. I also experienced some more bloating today, but I’m pretty confident that I figured out what was causing it: BRUSSELS SPROUTS. Yep. Certain vegetables are known for causing bloating–raw broccoli, cauliflower, and some leafy greens are basically notorious for it. Turns out, brussels sprouts do the same thing, and I ate a lot of them with my dinner. I was fine after a couple hours and a little bit of walking, but the interim wasn’t exactly enjoyable. To take my mind off of it, I walked to the grocery store to grab some more fresh produce, and to stock up on road trip snacks…I got raw cashews, pistachios, peaches, nectarines, applesauce, cherries, and single-serve packets of almond butter. Hoping all of that will satiate me! Honestly, today was pretty standard. Not much happened that was worth noting. Pretty sure this is the calm before the storm.

Road trip french fries

Day 8: 7/18/16

It’s here: road trip day. I woke up early and scurried around the house packing up odds and ends and preparing my food bag. I decided that my in-car snack would be apple sauce and pistachios, plus some raw almonds to pick at as needed…maybe a peach if things got really crazy. Before we left, I prepared and ate a giant bowl of oats with nectarines, blueberries, and cherries. It was SO good and so filling–the perfect meal before a six-hour drive. Since we weren’t planning to leave until late afternoon, I knew I’d be able to fit two decent meals in before heading out, so I actually wasn’t too worried about going crazy on the road.  Before setting out, I did some last-minute writing, ran, completed Tone It Up’s ‘Body  Bliss’ workout, did some quick work for the blog, and took the dogs on a long walk. I was seriously full of energy and ideas and motivation and things just felt easy. I think it feels so good to be productive like that before traveling, especially since you know that a trip–no matter how short or how fun or whatever–means the disruption of your normal routine. If I’m able to make a solid dent in my to-do list beforehand, it lessens any lingering anxiety about that and just makes everything run all the more smoothly. My favorite thing to do on a road trip is to have an order of fries from McDonald’s. Seriously–they’re my guilty pleasure. I was 99% sure that I wouldn’t be able to have them and stay “on plan”, but that last 1% of uncertainty had me doing a ferocious Google search for ingredients before we left. Totally a no-go: the fries have 19 (!!!) ingredients and contain both wheat and milk, both of which are thanks to the addition of McDonald’s “natural beef flavor”. They also have dextrose–a form of sugar–which McDonald’s says is used to “give the fries their perfect golden color.” SICK. I still wanted them, though. And you know what? I still had them. Mostly because I came to the realization that since we’d arrive at our destination around 10pm, there would be no home-cooked, cleanse-approved meal for me at the end of the journey, so screw it. No regrets! (Well, minimal ones, maybe. But not really.) Oh, and for the record, they were fabulous.

2/3rds done, 1/3 to go! Stay tuned for the third and final installment of the Detox Diaries, coming at you this weekend!



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