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This weekend, I received an email from Lauren of Lauren Lives Healthy that contained a blog post outlining her ideal morning routine, and I loved it! Getting a peek into bloggers’ day-to-day lives is always something I enjoy, and Lauren’s post didn’t disappoint. (Check it out HERE!) Her commentary on the topic not only served as inspiration for this post, but it also got me thinking about my own daily cadence, especially when it came to mornings. Our mornings have the power to the tone for the entire day. Seriously, starting things off on the right foot has a massive impact on how your day feels and goes, so creating a morning routine that really works for you is essential. It’s self-care, personal development, and just healthy, balanced living. While I can’t wake up to crashing waves, a giant platter of fresh-cut tropical fruit, and do yoga on a beach every morning, there are things that I’d like to do that would allow me to have a reasonably awesome daily experience. This is what my ideal morning would look like on an ideal day…the kind of day where I don’t need to work and also don’t  necessarily have anything specific planned, but I still want to feel productive and on track. These things definitely don’t happen each and every day, but I always feel better when they DO happen. It’s a routine that’s practical, but still indulgent. Completely ideal. Here’s my dreamy morning routine!

The Ultimate Morning Routine Creating an Ideal Morning

  • Wake up slowly.

Lauren mentioned that being able to wake up naturally would make for a lovely morning, and I completely agree. In in ideal situation, I’d wake up sans alarms or interruption, the sun would be streaming in my windows, and I’d be well-rested and happy.

  • Read, do research, and check email on the balcony.

I’ve been working on avoiding checking my phone in bed for anything beyond the time lately, and making dedicated “balcony time” a thing has been really helpful for that. Being outside offers a quick and simple boost in my mood, and getting caught up on email, current events, and online goings-on is a productive way to fully wake up and start the day. I also like to use this time to revisit my Girlspo+ Guide or Oh My Glow MBG emails for a jolt of positivity, intention, and motivation.

  • Do a fun workout.

Running and barre are great and all, but if we’re talking ideal, I want to be hula hooping or jumping on a rebounder. Maybe Skip-It? Rollerblading? I’m not picky, but I want my form of movement to be really fun. It’s just better that way! There’s nothing like getting a hit of endorphins and making a serious dent in my step goal before the day even really begins.

  • Shower//get ready.

Standard business. I’d do this pretty quickly in an ideal-but-realistic situation, but would make sure to take time to actually take my hair out of a top bun and put on a little makeup.

  • Eat a yummy vegan breakfast.

Since I’ve been doing the Wild Rose Detox, I’ve been having a lot of fruit-topped overnight oats for breakfast. I’ve never been a big breakfast eater–I don’t wake up hungry and I have a weird aversion to typical breakfast food–but I’ve found that starting my day with this meal feels really good. Not only are my overnight oats healthy, fresh, and satisfying, but I feel really good about eating them. All it takes is a little prep work the night before and I’m good to go! My favorite combinations include organic old-fashioned oats, cinnamon, and fresh and frozen fruit–typically things like peaches, plums, nectarines, blueberries, apples, and cherries. Sometimes I’ll even add OMG’s detoxing beauty blend superfoods powder to this mix! Then, since all of the preparation goes on the night before, all I have to do is dig in in the AM.

  • Listen to a podcast or log some time on the Audible app while I snuggle and play with my dogs.

When Alex and I first started dating, I adopted the mommy role for his Shih Tzu-Poodle pup, and I loved him so much that I was hell-bent on getting a dog of my own ASAP. Enter my first real pet, my Teddy Bear puppy Phillip, who I was gifted the day before my 22nd birthday. He is absolutely the light of my life. He is sweet and funny and cuddly and silly and I am obsessed with him. (I mean, I waited two whole decades to have a dog, so the whole crazy-dog-lady thing really shouldn’t be TOO surprising.) The boys are especially sweet and sleepy in the morning, so I love hanging out and playing with them while I listen to a podcast or catch up on whatever audiobook I’m streaming on Audible. This practice feels both productive and indulgent, which is basically how I’d define “ideal”.

  • Free write.

#BloggerLife! Between reading, research, and podcast/audiobook time, I’m usually in the mood to share some words of my own. I brainstorm, take notes, finish up stories and assignments, and work on concepts for the blog, but ideally, I wouldn’t focus on a set schedule, topic, or assignment during this time. Instead, I’d write freely and *hopefully* be struck by some AM inspiration! That would put me in a great place for the rest of my day.

What does your ideal morning look like?



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  1. Aw so glad you loved the post! Such a fun one to write 🙂 & I loved reading your ideal routine too – podcasts and free writing are where it’s at! Enjoy your mornings 😉

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