Wild Rose Recap Pt 1

Here’s the recap of my first four days of my second round of the Wild Rose D-Tox, a 12-day cleanse focused on ultra-clean eating and a team of herbal supplements. To see the other posts in this series, click HERE

Day 1: 7/11/16

The daily protocol for the Wild Rose D-Tox includes a regimen of supplements–four pills + 40 liquid drops– that are taken twice daily, a recommended 1.5 – 2L of water, and a strict set of dietary guidelines that govern your food choices. Wild Rose suggests that 80% of your daily intake come from alkaline foods, and excludes the consumption of  dairy (except for butter!), white flour, and sugar, as well as some other items including vinegar, sweet and dried fruit/melons, peanuts, and all sweeteners. Day one of any cleanse or detox is usually pretty easy and enjoyable for me. I’m invigorated, optimistic, and excited to get started–starting is the easy part! My first day with Wild Rose went pretty smoothly, as I expected it would. The first time I did this cleanse, I had really intense sugar cravings on day 1, but I found that the things I missed the most were actually peanut butter, sauces (ketchup!) and dressings. I don’t eat much rice or oatmeal in my typical diet, so adding them in here kept me full. My meals included  oatmeal with berries, baked apples with cinnamon, chicken with sautéed spinach and brown rice, frozen blueberries and cherries with almond butter, and LOTS of raw cashews and almonds. Challenges: Last week, I special ordered some vanilla-flavored stevia drops that didn’t arrive until Monday, and due to the detox, I wasn’t actually permitted to try them. I had also baked a Funfetti cake on Friday, and half of that was definitely still chilling in the fridge, silently tempting and taunting me. To top things all off, though, day 1 of the cleanse landed on 7/11, which, as you may or may not know, is 7/11 Free Slurpee Day. Now, normally I couldn’t care less about a damn slushie, but I read that to celebrate the Slurpee’s 50th birthday, 7/11 had put out a special edition BIRTHDAY CAKE slush, and I have to admit that I seriously considered cheating on day ONE of the detox just to be able to try some cake-flavored ice. Embarrassing.

Cleanse Tweets

Day 2: 7/12/16

Still feeling pretty good on day two. A little less enthusiastic, yeah, but I was still really looking forward to my clean, healthy meals and feeling accomplished for tackling 24 hours with Wild Rose. I’m also feeling a lot less bloated already, and accordingly, I’m down one pound. Interestingly, I feel like I’m eating a LOT. I did a vegan cleanse in the summer of 2012 with Blogilates (PS, how was that FOUR years ago already?!?) and I felt the same way…When you cut out processed foods, dairy, and sugar, you’re left with food that offers a lot of volume for very few calories, comparatively. It’s awesome!  Cleanses like this, at least for me, are beneficial both mentally and physically. I physically feel so much better when I drastically clean up my eating–I feel lighter, clearer…even more satisfied. My food preferences shift, I get to exercise dedication and self-control, and I know that I’m bettering my body inside and out as each day goes by. And speaking of psychological shifts, I’ve also noticed that it’s mentally easier for me to do this detox in the summer than it was when I did it in November, just because my body CRAVES things like fresh fruit, cool vegetables, grilled meats, and salad with this hot weather. It’s way harder in the winter when all I want to do is curl up in a blanket burrito with a trough of mashed potatoes. Even though I tend to eat a pretty healthy and balanced diet, this cleanse REALLY takes things to a different level by focusing on the consumption of whole, fresh, alkaline foods. It’s restrictive, but it’s not impossible. I feel like after a few summer weeks munching on cake, candy, pasta, cookies, and grilled cheese with surprising and increasing frequency, this is just what my body needed. Will I go back to eating those foods? Of course. But right now, I’m trying to break the cycle. That kind of sugary/salty/fatty food can be majorly addictive! In terms of meals and challenges, I’ll hone in on dinner: I had prepared an awesome, XL-sized bowl of vegetables and half of a sweet potato for dinner, when suddenly all I could think about is how much more amazing that meal would taste when paired with a Diet Coke. I allowed myself a 30-second pity party before downing my liquid supplement drops and grabbed a bottle of ice water to accompany my meal. Another temptation? I stumbled across a Tumblr post about Cold Stone sugar cookie ice cream (with sprinkles!) and almost cried.  ANYWAY, dinner was awesome even without Diet Coke, and I figured out how to prepare the yummiest sweet potato ever, so I’ll consider the day a success and share that recipe with you here. ♡

How to make the BEST baked sweet potato ever: poke the potato 3-5 times with a fork, put it directly into the oven (not wrapped in foil, not on a pan!) at 425° for 50 minutes. After 50 minutes, turn OFF the oven, but leave the potato inside to continue to cook. Result? The softest, sweetest, most incredible baked sweet potato known to man, basically. I topped mine with butter and a sprinkle of cinnamon and it was perfection.

Day 3: 7/13/16

Let’s get the good news out of the way first: my sleep while on this cleanse has been SO. GOOD. Really deep sleep, no nighttime interruptions and fewer “restless” moments as quantified by my Fitbit. Unfortunately, while well-rested, this morning I woke up feeling a little groggy and a bit stuffy. Also unfortunate: my cravings kicked in hard this AM. I actually dreamt about eating “bad” food and going to a restaurant and not being able to order anything. When I woke up, I wanted waffles. Or chocolate cake. Or a big bowl of whipped cream. It was rough. I had prepped some cinnamon-apple overnight oats the night before, though, and they were pretty successful in quelling my desire for sweets and carbs and kept me really full. Come afternoon, my cravings–for virtually everything–were totally gone. I looked at the clock at 2:00 and realized that I had actually forgotten to eat lunch, and I wasn’t even hungry! Oh, and another thing about hunger? Though I’m not physically hungry (and I am eating a. lot.) sometimes I do feel unsatisfied. I’m full, but it’s a different KIND of fullness. Meat and bread offer a different feeling, and sugary sweets at night are kind of comforting. Right now on the cleanse, I’m missing those familiar full, satisfied feelings. It’s funny how a cleanse can impact your thinking. Before I started on this little journey, when I would think about indulging or having a treat, those thoughts would include things like cupcakes, muffins, and cookie dough ice cream. On the cleanse? I’m practically salivating over the thought of an peanut-butter-stuffed date, Lara Bites, and vanilla Greek yogurt. I won’t lie and say that the traditional desserts don’t still sound appealing, but I DO think that I’d actually rather have the healthier alternatives at this point! Day 3 admittedly isn’t the most fun. Things aren’t new, I don’t have a ton of energy, and I know that I still have NINE more days of this whole ordeal. I want a cookie. I thought wanted to go for a run, but I only made it a mile before I peaced out and jumped right off of the treadmill. No thank you!


Day 4: 7/14/16

After another night of perfect sleep, I woke up with a headache! Womp womp. Headache aside, I was feeling decent in terms of both energy and levels of hunger. Things felt pretty normal. Pretty good. I put on some early 2000s jams and danced around my room cleaning and tidying up before breakfast – another round of cinnamon apple overnight oats. I forgot to squeeze fresh lemon juice to mix in with my supplement drops and was quickly reminded of just how disgusting said drops taste. Seriously, they’re awful! Lemon juice is a MUST. After being essentially (though unintentionally) vegan for the last 48 hours, by the time lunch rolled around, I was ready for some protein. I made a sad tuna “salad” with tuna, lemon juice, dill, and allspice. Oddly enough, mayonnaise is actually Wild Rose-approved–they even have a recipe for it posted online!–but using store-bought mayo just felt wrong at this point, so I worked with what I had and it was decent.  I was also very productive today, which was nice! I got a lot done and felt energized, motivated, and clear headed. I have random thoughts of cheese and McDonald’s french fries, but they’re fleeting. Of course, I made the mistake of visiting/scrolling through my YouFood feed and felt sorry for myself about not being able to have things like salad with normal dressing, cereal with banana, vanilla almond butter, and oddly enough, canned peaches at the moment. Oh, and another food challenge: you know how I mentioned that Monday was free Slurpee day? Well, TODAY just so happened to be Freshi’s 8 year anniversary, and to celebrate, all of their meals were only $1. I could not partake. Major bummer…still kinda salty about it TBH. BUT, just like that, I’m a third of the way done with this cleanse! While this entire day was far more challenging than I had anticipated it being, things are still going well, and the next three days should be easy enough, too…it’s days 8-12 that I’m worried about, since they just so happen to include two six-hour road trips and a visit home. While adhering to this diet. *gulp* Send good vibes my way, por favor! I’ve been trying to post my meals on Twitter, so if you’re curious about exactly what I’ve been eating/will be eating, make sure to follow me there @vitalitychild.

Stay tuned for more updates in the Wild Rose saga!



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