DIY Projects I would do if I were actually good at DIY

It’s weird…I like the idea of DIY more than I actually like doing projects. Like, I truly enjoy scrolling through Pinterest boards, reading tutorials, and watching DIY YouTube videos, but when it comes to putting things together, for the most part I am just nottt down. Aside from materials and a natural talent for crafting, these kinds of endeavors also require a lot something that I consider incredibly precious: time. So yeah–combine my total lack of skill for most things crafty and my obsession with good time management and you get an ever-growing bucket list of “someday” projects that I’ll probably never complete. BUT, if I DID have the time and skill, these are five DIYs I’d totally be doing. 

1. The DIY dress form, via The Maria Antionette

The Maria Antionette Dress Form

I’ve been considering purchasing a dress form of my own for a few reasons {outfit planning, displaying clothing for sale, etc} for awhile now, so this project would be super useful AND save me roughly $80. I also love that since you use your own body to create the form, it’s inherently custom and personalized to your size/measurements. I’ve seen some other tutorials for crafting DIY mannequins, but this one is by far the most simple and cost effective. Get the details at The Maria Antionette!

2. Gorgeous framed floral initials, via The Mrs Momma Bird

Mrs and Momma Bird Floral Letter

This is so pretty and girly and frivolous and I LOVE it. I live with a boy who would probably never let this grace the walls of our shared space, but I am so into everything about this. Monogram + blooms + vintage frame…It’s just everything. Fingers crossed that I one day have a baby girl so I can put this in her room. Find out how to make your own at The Mrs. and Momma Bird.

3. Cool concrete votives, via Monster Circus

Monster Circus DIT Concrete Votives

These concrete, precious-metal-kissed votives are impossibly chic. Apparently all you need to make them are soda cans, concrete, and gold leaf or metallic spray paint, but I’m pretty sure this is one of those easier-said-than-done projects. Nothing that looks this cool comes THAT easily. Get the details at Monster Circus!

4. Sugar cube bath scrubs, via Smart Schoolhouse:

Smart School House Sugar Scrub Cubes

There are a lot of tutorials for creating sugar scrubs floating around online, but this one makes the scrub into bars for individual use or gifting, which I love. Plus, they’re pink. Oh, I also love how they look like little sugar cubes! Genius, right? Too cute. Find out how to make your own at Smart School House.

5. Cake slice postcards, via SheFinds

SheFinds Cake Postcard DIY

I am beyond obsessed with the idea of sending a piece of cake as a birthday card. I mean, how fun would it be to get one of these in the mail?! They look so real! Yeah, you’ll pay a little extra for postage, but it’s totally worth it. Flipping out over the chocolate-on-chocolate version. Get the details at SheFinds!

Probably going to leave these crafts to the pros, but I’ll continue to crush on them from afar! 😉 Are there any projects on your bucket list?! Let me know if you’ve done any of these!



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