1. Refinery29 has a list of 30 tips for saving money at some of your favorite storesWhole Foods, Sephora, and Starbucks included.
  2. I just started following Hustle + Grind on Twitter after binge reading a bunch of their articles…especially into this piece that breaks down a critical method for forging your personal path to success.
  3. Are these mermaid-inspired scale tights  super cool or disgusting? Unclear.
  4. More fashion: Fast Company covers the death of the traditional bra and the rise of the sports bra/bralette. Turns out, millennials value comfort over everything! (Well, comfort, functionality, and perfect styling, but still.)
  5. Finally, if you’re from the midwest, you should totally plan a road trip to visit a local pizza farm this summer. (And yeah–you read that right: PIZZA FARM.)



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