1. A writer made her kid try and rank “old lady candy” for this Maximum Middle Age story and it’s as weird, gross, and funny as you’d expect.
  2. I’ve done Chicago’s Sky Deck before, so LA’s new ‘Skyslide‘–an all-glass, see-through slide set on the side of a skyscraper 70 stories above the city–seems like a natural progression. The LA Times has the details for fellow thrill seekers!
  3. I started my Sunday morning last week by reading this T Magazine article/interview with Rihanna, and then read the comments that were posted under the FB post it appeared in Apparently, people either really love it or hate it…I think it’s the best.
  4. If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to get LASIK, this piece from xoVain includes literally ALL of the details on the procedure. (I found this both interesting and v creepy, FYI.)
  5. Finally, some food for thought from Quartz: Here’s why so many 20-somethings are obsessed with side hustles...Because if you don’t have a side hustle, what kind of millennial ARE you?!



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