Summer 2016 Bikinis

One of my favorite Pinterest pursuits is growing my ‘SWIMSUIT season‘ board. (PS, are you following me yet?!) I just love a good bathing suit. Seriously–“love” probably sounds like a strong word when it comes to describing ones affection for swimwear, but I promise that it’s appropriate. I’m a full-on bikini aficionado…and I may or may not have an entire overstuffed drawer full of them. Just like any other garment, though, there are standout swimsuit trends each and every season. Remember fringe? Or tankinis? Or boy short bottoms? Or neoprene?! See, it’s totally a thing. This year, I’ve been pining over a few distinctive swimmie styles that seem to have been popping up everywhere online…naturally I wanted to share my swimsuit discoveries in a post! From Instagram to Pinterest to fashion blogs, here are some of the season’s hottest picks in swimwear.


High Neck

Last year we had crop top kinis, this year we have bikinis with high necklines. There’s a surprising amount of variety within this trend – think, inverted halter tops, creative cut-outs, sports bra styling, the occasional mock turtleneck, etc. High-neck bikinis are especially flattering on athletic body types, and are great for girls with small chests since the additional material and coverage can provide the illusion of a little extra up top. When we think back to summer ’16 swimsuit styles one day, I’m pretty sure that this is going to be the standout look. (For further proof of high-neck trendiness, see these photos of Taylor Swift and co frolicking on the beach. Done.)



The multi-strap bikini is an interesting phenomenon…Who knew that adding fabric could actually make a swimsuit sexier?! (All of the Tumblr babes and celebrities who have been rocking the multi-strap ‘kini, apparently.) While tops can be equally strappy, it’s the bikini bottoms that are the real standouts for this style–the bondage-inspired cut enhances each and every curve, and the accessory straps often feature logos and branding. Top up on sunscreen or prepare to commit to serious tan lines!


High Waist

High-waisted swimwear is making a solid comeback since we last saw it gaining ground in the summer of 2013! The 2016 iteration of this trend, however, trades ample stomach coverage for minimal coverage elsewhere–namely the back and sides. Many high-waist styles are also high cut, and there are plenty of cheeky bottoms to balance the amount of skin you show vs how much you choose to cover. The result? A bikini that’s leans more indie-cool than conservative-granny, but still flatters every figure. Hot! (Or, you know, as hot as a high waist can be.) Try out this trend if you’re looking for a more modest option in swimwear, or if you’d like to be able to do more than just tan poolside on your beach days.

Honorable mentions: One pieces and ultra-tiny bottoms.

One Piece

Though not new for this summer, these two swimsuit trends are definitely going strong. You know, for example, that we’ve reached peak cheeky bikini when Victoria’s Secret sells not only bottoms labeled as “itsy”, but also just straight-up THONG. The 90s-inspired, high-cut one-piece that has been a celebrity favorite is also making a solid comeback this season. I love a good one-piece. They’re a great alternative to your standard string bikini and It Girl approved. Add to your swimwear rotation ASAP.

Do you own any of these swimsuit styles? Which one is your favorite?



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