3 Little Things You Can Do to Improve Your Day RIGHT NOW

Self-care Sunday, take three!

1. Set yourself some reminders. 

Be your own cheerleader! Whether it’s a weekly email, a calendar event, or a scheduled text, give yourself a virtual high five. You can even set reminders on your phone that will pop up and tell you whatever you want. Set mantras. Add emojis. Pick an inspiring quote. Whatever! These reminders are virtual pops of positivity and encouragement that should add some extra goodness to your typical day. If you’re going to be glued to a screen, make it really benefit you. (Bonus: emoji-filled pop-up reminders are adorable.) Google Chrome user? Check out this extension that gives you a motivational quote each time you open a new tab.

2. Declutter your phone.

I know, I know, this tip is basically the polar opposite of the one before it, but I swear that these tricks can coexist! Hear me out! 🙂 Digital clutter is just as real as physical clutter, and I promise that you will feel better when that junk is kept to a minimum. So, what exactly is digital clutter? It’s when your phone is peppered with notifications, you have multiple pages of rarely-used apps, and/or a camera roll that’s filled to the brim with images that didn’t make the IG cut. DO something about that. Clean up! Kyla Roma recently tweeted about this very topic…check out her advice below! Streamlining your life and what you view just makes things better, no matter how trivial the details may seem.

Twitter Self Care

3. Invest in yourself.

This is one of those major keys that coaches are always telling their clients–and for good reason: YOU are your most valuable asset. Take a course. Buy a book. Learn how to use new software or systems. Hire a coach. Sign up for lessons. You’re worth it, so don’t be afraid to splurge every now and then! Keep in mind, though, that not all investments are monetary…the investments you make can also include TIME. My favorite new time investment, for example, is Duolingo–it’s a free app that helps you improve your language skills and learn new ones. (I’m currently brushing up on my Spanish which I used to be fluent in and also beginning French. It’s lit, obviously.) So, how is this different than traditional self care? When it comes to investing in yourself, focus on completing activities or making purchases that do more than make you feel good, but that truly better you as a person and add something of value to your life.



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